♫ Tannoy Westminster Royal SE


My Tannoy WRSE & vintage McIntosh system is my primary music listening system, the most exotic system I use for hi-fi reviews, and has tended to morph quite a bit over time. This is certainly the most enjoyable system I have ever owned, and I like it better than any other system I have heard, ever.

I live in a rather small & modest nuevo bungalow home, with my living room area serving as my primary listening room (it is 27’6’’ long by 20’4’’ wide, and with variable ceiling height from 9 to 20 feet).

Room construction consists of sheet rock walls and a partial cathedral ceiling, and a concrete slab floor (carpeted). The rear of the living room behind the listening position opens to a combination kitchen/dining room, and is also open to an entryway on the right side wall.

The electrical grid here provides clean and plentiful cheap power, much to the delight of local Hi-Fi buffs.

This page has been outdated for a while so it is under revision at the moment, and there will be more to come as I get time to update it. (Click on an image below to launch a screenshow.)


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