Friends of Jeff’s Place


I want to offer a special “Thank you!” to those of you who donated through the PayPal donation link I put up – it really helps keep Jeff’s Place going and growing!

Your helping me to defray the costs to keep Jeff’s Place up & running is very much appreciated!

I’d like to recognize and thank the following Friends of Jeff’s Place for their donations (if you want me to add your business name too let me know):

  • Siedy Abee
  • Caroline Abolivier
  • Lars Andersen
  • Jesper Andreasen
  • Jeffrey E. Behr
  • David Biancosino (Answers In Art)
  • Steve Bloch (Photographer)
  • Richard Brown
  • John Borda
  • Tysen Cahill
  • Paul Chambers
  • Green Christopher
  • Robert Cleary
  • David Codron
  • Richard Dreyer
  • Tra DuBois
  • Stephen Dunn
  • Joe Fagan
  • Robert Flocchini
  • John Guardalabene
  • Darren Henley (The New Old)
  • Richard Hing
  • Robert Hoover, Jr.
  • Steven Lefley
  • Kevin Liss-Riordan
  • Bruce Loop
  • Fred Manheck
  • Ian Meyers
  • Donald Neal
  • Don Parkhurst
  • Jim Parkinson
  • Scott Paul
  • Anthony Pircher
  • Ken Redmond
  • Peter Renshaw
  • Brett Schnittlich
  • Jim Smith (Quarter Note Press, Inc. / Get Better Sound)
  • Peter Sorensen
  • Joseph Spivey
  • Dimitar Sumerski
  • Manuel Vidal-Yordan
  • Jean-Yves Vizzuti
  • Christopher Watson
  • Chris Webber
  • Mark White

You rock!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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