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I’m just barely getting started with this wonderful system, with the Maestro’s – Leopold Stokowski’s – custom A7 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers. I’ll keep you posted as developments occur and I can fill in a little bit more of the details.

LS VOTTs no grills

Custom Altec ‘Voice of the Theatre’ loudspeakers that were made for Leopold Stokowski when he lived in New York City.

You can read the story about the Maestro’s custom A7 VOTTs that he used in his New York City Fifth Avenue apartment here.

LS VOTTs grills 2

The Maestro’s VOTTs were dressed in evening wear for use in the Maestro’s elegant Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City.

With their furniture-grade cabinets and burgundy grills, the Maestro’s VOTTs are similar to ‘A7 VOTTs in evening dress’, as our man in Paris, Mark Donen, has said. A nice analogy, Mark!

LS VOTT back view

Altec 804A 16-Ohm compression drivers & 511B horns up top, and the Altec 803B 16-Ohm drivers down low.

Inside the Maestro’s custom VOTTs are Altec 804A 16-Ohm compression drivers & 511B horns for the high-frequencies, and the Altec 803B 16-Ohm drivers for the low-frequencies.

LS VOTT back view with crossover

Altec N-500-D crossover network.

As you can see in the photo below, Yazaki-san’s superb SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier is providing the amplification (Positive Feedback Issue 78).

For a temporary source I’m using my old MacBook, and streaming music to an Mhdt Paridisea+ vacuum tube USB DAC.

The Maestro’s VOTTs are using Western Electric WE16GA for speaker cables, a Sablon Audio Petite Corona AC power cord, and Belden 8402 microphone cable interconnects.

LS VOTTs w grills 3

This combination of equipment is remarkably musical with the Maestro’s VOTTs.

LS VOTTs with guitar

The Maestro’s VOTTs have the rich vintage tone of 16 Ohm Alnico magnets, beautifully realistic timbral textures, vivid tone color, startling dynamics, and a superbly musical presentation that gives me emotional ‘goosebumps’ all over.

More to come – stay tuned for more developments!

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