Review System 1


I thought it might be handy for those following my writing at Positive Feedback Online to know what Hi-Fi equipment is currently in my review systems.

System 1

System 1 is my primary and the most exotic system I use for Hi-Fi reviews and tends to morph over time. This is certainly the best system I have ever owned, and I like it better than any other system I have heard, ever. I live in a rather small & modest nuevo bungalow home, with my living room area serving as my primary listening room (it is 27’6’’ long by 20’4’’ wide, and with variable ceiling height from 9 to 20 feet). Room construction consists of sheet rock walls and a partial cathedral ceiling, and a concrete slab floor (carpeted). The rear of the living room behind the listening position opens to a combination kitchen/dining room, and is also open to an entryway on the right side wall. The electrical grid here provides clean and plentifully cheap power, much to the delight of local Hi-Fi buffs.


Tannoy Westminster Royal Special Edition

Duelund External Crossovers:

The stock crossovers of my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers have been bypassed and replaced by the absolutely amazing Duelund CAST external crossovers developed during the Duelund-WRSE Project that you’ll see numerous posts chronicling here on this site, as well as a full feature article to come at Positive Feedback Online. Stay tuned!

An analogy for Leica camera fans: If the WRSEs are the Leica MP (MP stands for mechanical perfection) analog film camera, the Duelund external crossover is the Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH lens. I ended up replacing my film Leica MP with my digital Leica M9 for the sake of convenience, but there was no question in my mind that the MP photos were superior to those created with the M9. I was able to use the Leica Noctilux lens on my M9 at the Leica Road Show in Seattle a few years ago and it still stands out in my mind as the most desirable Leica lens ever created. Maybe some day! The Duelund-WRSE is the audio equivalent of the MP-Noctilux in that they both provide the most intoxicating experience of their kind.

Panatela from amp to Duelund XO

Speaker Cables:

I’m using the fantastic Sablon Audio Panatela component speaker cables supported with Acoustic Revive RCI-3 Cable Insulators. Not only am I using the Panatela component speaker cables, but I am also using a full set of Panatela component speaker cables as the internal wiring for my WRSEs as part of the Duelund-WRSE Project. The Panatelas are connected directly to the Dual Concentric drivers inside the Westminsters and route down and out through the cabinets to connect directly to the Duelund external crossovers. This approach eliminates all of the sonically degrading internal connections within the Westminsters, providing an ultra-pure and uninterrupted Panatela signal path direct from the Duelund external crossover to the WRSE’s Dual Concentric driver. That combined with the aforementioned Panatela component speaker cable set from the amplifiers to the Duelund external crossover makes for a complete Panatela signal path from amplifier to the Dual Concentric driver. Yes its breathtaking and amazing!

Panatela full run from driver to XO and XO to amp


Sophie Electric 91-01 300B mono amplifiers with Sophia Electric Royal Princes 300B tubes and NOS JAN Ken Rad 6SN7GT ‘Black Glass’ inputs. They sit upon Acoustic Revive TB-38 Quartz Under-Boards.


Acoustic Revive interconnect (amps to pre), Sablon Audio Panatela interconnects from VPI Classic turntable to New Valve Order SPA-II  phono preamplifier, and from NVO SPA-II to Leben RS100 line preamplifier.


Leben RS100 Line Preamplifier + New Valve Order SPA-II Phono Preamplifier. NVO SPA-II signal chassis sitting  upon Acoustic Revive RAF-48 Air Floating Board.

Phono Source:

VPI Classic turntable using a EMT TSD-15 MC phono cartridge straight into the New Valve Order SPA-II phono preamplifier.


For cleaning LPs: VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine

Acoustic Revive Pure Quartz Insulator RIQ-5010W (under VPI Classic footers)

Acoustic Revive RPT-4 Ultimate Power Supply Box (for all front end components)

Sablon Audio Robusto & Gran Corona power cables or Acoustic Revive Power Reference  power cables.

Acoustic Revive CS-2F Outlet Stabilizer, Acoustic Revive CB-1DB Receptacle Base Plate (wall outlet), and Acoustic Revive CFRP-1F Carbon Fiber Receptacle Plate (wall outlet). The first photo shows just the base & receptacle plates installed in the outlet, and the second with an Outlet Stabilizer (top) and Power Reverence cable plugged in.

Acoustic Revive Ultra Low-Frequency Pulse Generator R-77 (room treatment)

I use one Acoustic Revive Acoustic Conditioner RWL-3 panel behind each Westminster Royal SE loudspeaker on the front wall, and one on the left rear wall that is not obvious in photos.

McKinnon Furniture Bellevue Symphony media cabinet (walnut)

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