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A number of you have been urging me to put together a list of my favorite music, and it’s something I want to do, but it’s a daunting task – that’s a lot of music!

So, I thought I’d start simply, adding just a couple of albums at a time, and then I’ll add to my list over time until it more closely resembles my total list of favorite music – please wait for it!

My favorite music isn’t necessarily a sound list, it’s just the music I enjoy listening to the most.

I included a category called demo that is a sound list of sorts, for those of you who want to have some records that are impressive both musically & sonically for wowing your friends at listening sessions.

I hope you find my list of favorite music to be of some use!

(Please click on the gallery thumbnails to see the full album covers.)








Demo Records







Much more to come!




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