Mar 142016

It sure was nice to have Rafe & Don visit me and my pals Ron, Leo, and Pete, here at Jeff’s Place, and we had a ball listening to music together.

Rafe & Don

L to R: Ron (that’s Leo behind Ron), Rafe, Pete, and Don.

Rafe published a very gracious writeup of their visit here to Jeff’s Place at Part-Time Audiophile, which you can read here.

Rafe getting an action shot

Rafe getting an action shot!

Thanks for the kind words, Rafe and Don, I’m delighted you enjoyed your visit to Jeff’s Place!

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  1. It was an absolute pleasure to visit, but I can’t believe that we did not also get to listen to that gorgeous and stunning table that Leo owns! And Petes home made horns and…

    • Hi Don,

      Leo has quite the wonderful collection of modern & vintage hi-fi gear. One of these days I’ll have to do a road trip report to Leo’s to tease you with!

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jeff and all of the nice folks who where at your place!

    What a thrilling and exciting musical trips did you made togethter. The passion and pleasure is bumbing out of this REAL READING article. Men, what a joy to read the article of Rafe. A huge applause for it! And again I am o so proud the be also an owner of the Tannoy Westminster Prestige! For 25 years ago I felt deeply in love with ‘The Wessies’. The love is still there! Of course.

    Wow, Jeff, perhaps Piet (now the dutch importer of SPEC, TELOS and…..a retailer of the Tannoy prestige series) and I (and two other Tannoy addicts) perhaps must visit you! Wow, that would be an adventure. Dutch Tannerds visiting you!

    O yes, I wil go to the Highend messe in Germany. I already booked a hotel. Piet wil be there as the importer and distributor of SPEC. Mr. Yazaki-san asked him to bring his Tannoy Canterbury with him! Do you have plans to go to the Highend messe?

    I am looking forward for your answer.


    • Dear Siedy-san,

      I personally appreciate for your information about our demonstration in High End 2016.
      So sorry that I will not attend the show but my associate engineer, Banno-san and Piet-san
      will surely make a good team work and so please drop by our demo cabin. And I hope you
      enjoy the improved F33EX’s sound with Tannoy Canterbury and more —-.
      Please be looking forward to.

      Kind regards, Shirokazu Yazaki From Tokyo / Japan

      • Dear Yazaki-san,

        I sure would enjoy hearing Siedy & Piet’s demo system at the show in Germany, I’ll bet it will be fantastic!

        I wish all of you the best for the show, and be sure to let me know how it goes!

        Kind regards,


    • Dear Siedy,

      Rafe really did a nice write-up about his visit to Jeff’s Place.

      You and Piet are always welcome to visit Jeff’s Place! 🙂 Now that would be fun!

      It would also be fun to visit with you and Piet in Germany, but alas, I will not be able to go to the High End show in Germany this year.

      Kind regards,


  3. Thank you where can i pick up an old pair to rebuild ? I love this artical and what you have done ive am a finish carpenter by trade for 30 years with a love for grate sound and look !! I love these !

    • Hi Paul,

      I’m thinking you are referring to the Altec VOTT A5’s. Getting a pair to rebuild is tricky unless you have a source, or run across a pair for sale. I think you could buy the vintage drivers from Gary Fischer, or possibly Great Plains Audio.

      The cabinets and hors are trickier to come by, but you might ask Gary about that, he might be able to help out.

      Otherwise, with your skills as a carpenter I’ll bet you could build a pair of stunning horns and cabinets out of wood, and for the horns I think that may be preferable to the stock Altec metal horns.

      Anyone out there have any ideas they can share with Paul on where to get Altec cabinets and horns?

      Keep me posted on your adventure, Paul!

      Kind regards,


  4. Jeff, is there a site problem?

    I just attempted to link to recent posts via your Recent Comments block on the right, looking for more on “The Vintage Beat: Western Electric WE16GA Speaker Cable”. But when I click on any of the three recent comments, including yours, I’m taken to the original post but no comments are attached. This is frustrating since I’m interested in following this discussion.


    • Hi M3,

      There isn’t a site problem, rather I shut down the comment thread on that post. Due to complaints about the thread turning into a sales venue, and with offerings that are not verifiable as being Western Electric, I pulled the plug on it.

      Sorry if that’s an inconvenience, but I saw little value in keeping the thread alive any further with the complaints I was getting.



      • Thanks Jeff, your explanation makes sense.

        I was curious about the potential for a 14 ga version of the WE wire. Plus it was interesting to read further reviews and discussion. But I believe I saw all the comments up to the last three so no biggie.

        Also, sorry to tag onto this post but I didn’t know how else to ask you about it.

        PS – watch for a new film on Chet Baker, “Born To Be Blue”, just released at SXSW in Austin.

        • Howdy M3,

          I bought some Western Electric WE14GA to compare against the WE16GA, but I’ve been so busy of late that I haven’t been able to give it a try. It is definitely different than the WE16GA, as it doesn’t come as a twisted pair, but the construction is very similar with all the familiar elements of the WE16GA.

          Many thanks for the tip on Born to Be Blue. I’ve got to see it! I’m a big Chet Baker fan, and I can’t wait to see it, and then buy a disc of it in whatever format they release it in.

          Thanks for your comment!

          Kind regards,


          • Hi again,

            I don’t mean to belabor this but you said, “different than the WE16GA, as it doesn’t come as a twisted pair, ”

            Everything I’ve read about the WE16GA indicates it came off a spool in single runs. So any purchase would necessitate a 4X calculation for the length needed. Therefore if the WE14GA comes as a single run that seems to be the same.

            You may not care about this but I’m asking because I purchased WE16GA but have not tried it yet. I’m experimenting with a few amplifier options which include both stereo and mono versions. That of course will dictate how much speaker wire I’ll need. I have enough for a longer stereo amp connection but not enough to double it up. With mono blocs I would be able to double up the runs to audition a heavier gauge. So if no more WE16GA is available I might want to look for the WE14GA. Maybe I got ahead of myself (buying before being ready to try it) but I didn’t want to miss out after reading so many positive comments.

            So, I will be pleased to read your comments once you have time to try the WE14GA.

            Happy listening

          • Hi M3,

            All authentic Western Electric WE16GA I have had here comes off the spool as a twisted pair, not as a single run. Look at the photos I have posted for clarification. Each casing in the twisted pair is marked differently to differentiate it for +/- hookup. What you have read elsewhere is simply not correct for the type of WE16GA wire I am writing about, and I cannot vouch for the performance of anything different than that, obviously.



  5. Jeff: First time viewer. Amazing site. Wonder if your comments about cable/IC for your system could apply to Magnepan 3.7/Tympani IIIa woofer panel and Bryston 7BST amps? Quite happy except that I would prefer a little less detail. Will probably try the Belden 8402/Switchcraft combination and take a chance on some WE16GA ( realizing that it is chancy but I will need only a few feet). The 8402 will replace DIY IC parallel 28AWG silver insulated with cotton suspended in cotton cloth ribbon separated by 1″ terminated with Eichman RCAs. The WE16GA will replace XLO Type 5 cable. Apology if this is an inappropriate request. Looking forward to reading the rest of your website. Joe Fagan

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciated!

      Almost everyone who has tried the Belden 8402 & WE16GA has commented on the increase in musicality it brought about. I would think that that combo should work fine with your setup too.

      Be sure to report back on your results!

      Kind regards,


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