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Immediately after posting about Gary Bronner’s adventure at Sun Audio in Akihabara, I received a delightful message from Yazaki-san to Gary Zabel & Daryl Stahler at Arizona Capacitors & me about another Akihabara adventure, the “Tube Audio Show” which Yazaki-san just attended.

AZ caps

Closeup of the SPEC and Arizona Capacitor display at the “Tube Audio Show” Yazaki-san attended in Akihabara.

Dear Gary-san, Daryl-san and Jeff-san,

“Tube Audio Show” is now held in Akihabara / Tokyo from 11th to 12th / Oct. This is our 4th time exhibit. At the show we have the rare chance to make a direct sale of ” Blue Cactus “, ” Green Cactus” and our mica capacitor for the visitor.

Thankfully, we met a lot of repeat purchasers of AZ-cap and the mica capacitor today. And all of them told us that they are very satisfied with the sound of these capacitors. Yes, of course, I am so happy to hear that.

In this afternoon at the show, I just came across the astonishment. A visitor from Hong Kong dropped by our corner and I introduced AZ-cap. He called out that I already saw you on Jeff-san’s blog!! I was also surprised to be able to meet Jeff-san’s blog reader in Hong Kong at this place.

And he bought 4 pcs each of 0.22 Blue Cactus and 0.01 Mica Capacitor and will start his ” Capacitor Adventure”. I hope all of you could see his happiest face at that time.

Once again, I recognized Jeff-san’s influence is great!!

So tired but very nice show for us.


Shirokazu Yazaki

AZ caps display

The SPEC and Arizona Capacitor display at the “Tube Audio Show” Yazaki-san attended in Akihabara.

Many thanks to Yazaki-san for sharing his visit to the “Tube Audio Show” he attended in Akihabara, and I really appreciate his kind words about my humble blog. 🙂

AZ caps & audio mag closeup

In this photo you can see a very special selection of Blue, Green, and Red Arizona Capacitors that Yazaki-san brought as a gift for my good friend Ron-san, as well as an issue of ‘The Tube Kingdom’ that focussed on the A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers. Thank you Yazaki-san!

In the near future I’m going to be sharing a lot more with you about Arizona Capacitors, about their important history and their influence on the audio arts, about an exciting discussion I had with Yazaki-san about the performance of Arizona Capacitors based on a recent listening session, some more exciting discussions I had with Daryl Stahler & Gary Zabel at Arizona Capacitor about some upcoming Arizona Capacitor projects following the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and the very, very, good news that Arizona Capacitors will become more widely available to audio enthusiasts through Parts ConneXion in the near future.

IMG_5856 (1)

Many thanks to Yazaki-san for sending us more show photos from the “Tube Audio Show ” in Akihabara (below)!

Yazaki-san said, “It is not a big scale show, but we could get rare NOS parts, and also, it might be the place of information
exchange among tube amplifier enthusiasts.”











Stay tuned, there’s lots of exciting news and audio projects to come!

  6 Responses to “Another Akihabara Adventure: Yazaki-San Reporting from the “Tube Audio Show ” in Akihabara in Tokyo (more show photos added)”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Nice post Jeff!

    Somewhere, very high in the Colorodo Rockies, I spend some time casting flies with three kindred folks that were carrying a copy of the magazine that is supporting the cactus caps sitting in your listening room…it is a small world. They were kind enough to let gaze at some of the pictures, they were dream provoking, those illustrious VOTTS!

    World-class fly-fishermen those guys; well, two of them…the other, what a photographer!

    Sorry to have missed you in Denver, understand that the capacitor discussion regarding your receiver were “heavenly times!”

    Kindest Regards,

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciated. Yazaki-san and his friends mentioned to me that they very much enjoyed their time with you – what a grand adventure! 🙂

      We had a lot of fun discussing the correlation of hearing certain tonal characteristics with certain measurable parameters, which I suspect will become an interesting series of listening experiments in the future.

      I’m looking forward to the A5 VOTTs, and I think it will be a lot of fun to tell people about them, their history, and their performance in several contexts. Considering their rather modest cost (at least in enthusiast audio terms), if they’re easily & cost effectively tamed, they could provide an important alternative for those who like amplifiers of modest power.

      More to come!

      Kind regards,


  2. Jeff,

    Hello great blog just recently found this in my researching. I’m on a real sound adventure. I was wondering do you think these AZ caps would be good in some speaker crossovers like the smaller Klipsch heritage’s ( maybe even some vintage west cap PIO ones)? Thanks.

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciated. I do think the AZ caps would be great in your Klipsch speakers.

      Arizona Capacitors is actually West-Cap of old, it was just renamed. I’ll be writing a lot more on this topic shortly, so stay tuned for more!

      Kind regards,


  3. Dear Jeff-san’s blog readers,

    In this blog, you could find NOS ” WEST CAP, 0.47 / 600″.

    I just come across the capacitor just eight years ago for my prototype Class-D amplifier.
    And I had long loved this cap and it could lead to the best cooperation with Arizona Capacitors, Inc
    at present.

    And so, I can’t foget this WEST CAP.

    Regards, Shirokazu Yazaki From Tokyo / Japan

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