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As you know, I’ve been extremely impressed with the New Valve Order SPA-II phono equalizer I reviewed in and Issue 57 of Positive Feedback Online (and use as my reference for a stand-alone phono equalizer), and the SPA One phono preamplifier that I reviewed in Issue 69 of Positive Feedback Online.


Andreas Hadjiminas, working out of Nicosia, Cyprus, is the man responsible for this artistic expression in vacuum tube circuits, in his aptly named New Valve Order (NVO) Audio.

Panikos Kontemeniotis (exporter for New Valve Order Audio products) told me that Andreas has been at it again, and this time has developed the ISA-2 Integrated Amplifier and the P-2 Power Amplifier.

NVO ISA2 003

Panicos told me, “We are now building in limited quantities the first few of these two new NVO products. Both units will be available in SE grade as standard, with the same top quality components as used in the SPA-II MKII SE and SPA ONE SE. There will be no “standard” version on these two amps. Making of these units is very time consuming and building and testing takes some time, around 3-4 weeks for a few units. We can take orders now.”

NVO ISA2 012

“The P-2 will have switchable input for both active and passive preamps. Output power is around 120 watts per channel with KT88’s and 0.1% distortion. It’s headroom is high, delivering 160 watts per channel before clipping. You will notice only two KT88’s per channel , while normal amplifiers require four per channel to deliver the ISA-2’s power.”

NVO ISA2 032

“The ISA-2 will be supplied with a simple remote control for volume and mute. Both can take other tubes as well, like KT66, KT120 etc., with appropriate bias adjustment at the back of the units. They are split-load designs, allowing for more power with less distortion and wider and linear frequency response. Most importantly,they eliminate all class AB problems because of the split-load design. They operate in class AB2 mode. (More technical information on this can be given by Andreas as there are many other great design features as well ).”

NVO ISA2 029

“All transformers are made in-house to very high standards.Most of the enclosure is also custom made,with thick and strong plates to accommodate the weight of the transformers and all boards. The usual 10mm solid aluminum front plate is used.”

NVO ISA2 025

“I’m sure you will appreciate their very low distortion and superb transparency and clarity ,as well as the ease of drive of very high quality speakers. Attached pictures are of the prototype unit (without SE components), but production units will have KIWAME resistors and Mundorf and Nichicon audio capacitors.Pictures of the P-2 will be e-mailed soon.”

NVO ISA2 015

“Both units will be packed in heavy duty custom made wooden crate.”

For North American buyers, contact Steven Klein at Sounds of Silence.

In other parts of Planet Earth please contact Panikos Kontemeniotis.

It is possible one of these music machines be coming by Jeff’s Place for a while, so I can tell you about it in a little more depth. Just sayin’.

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