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Christopher Thornton at Artisan Fidelity has just finished fitting all the components to the plinth he created for the Garrard Project 2015, and sent me some photos of it to drool over – it’s a beauty! (you can click on each of the photos for a larger view)

Completed Garrard Project 2015

That’s Christopher’s Macassar Ebony plinth with Stillpoints Ultra isolation feet, the Classic 301 with a brass platter, mounted with two of Thomas Schick’s tonearms, one for mono with an Ortofon SPU Mono CG 25 Di MkII, and the other for stereo with an Ortofon SPU Classic GM MKII.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 2

Completed Garrard Project 2015 3

Check out that gorgeous shot of the Ortofon cartridge!

Completed Garrard Project 2015 R Ortofon closeup

I love the contrast of the brass platter and Schick tonearms with the gorgeous Macassar Ebony of Christopher’s plinth.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 L angle

Here’s a closer look at the rear Schick tonearm.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 R Schick tonearm closeup

Here’s a closeup of the right Schick tonearm.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Right Schick tonearm closeup

Here’s the Schick tonearm even closer.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Right Schick tonearm even closer

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Schick

Here’s a right angle view of the entire ‘table.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Right angle view

Here’s a closeup of the Classic 301 with the brass platter. I love the contrast of the Hammertone finish with the brass platter.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Classic 301 closeup

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Classic 301

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Classic 301 rear view

Here’s some rear views. It’s gorgeous from every angle!

Completed Garrard Project 2015 rear view

Completed Garrard Project 2015 rear view closeup

Here’s another closeup of the Schick tonearm.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Schick closeup

Another closeup from the top.

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Schick closeup top view

Completed Garrard Project 2015 Schick closeup top view 2

Christopher’s doing the last little bit of fine tuning now, and it’ll all be heading my way soon. I can’t wait to hear it!

Many thanks to Christopher for sending the gorgeous photos, I’m drooling!

Much more to come!

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  14 Responses to “Update on the Garrard Project 2015: It’s almost ready!”

  1. Hello Jeff!

    It looks…….. Stunning!!!!!! And again stunning!!!!!!!!




    • Thanks Siedy! It really turned out beautifully, kudos to Christopher for doing such a beautiful job on the plinth and putting it all together. I can’t wait to give it a listen! 🙂

  2. Congratulations Jeff,
    Your new/old turntable is truly beautiful.
    Realio trulio functional art.

  3. Hi Jeff
    The turntable looks cool , great buy.
    Not so long ago someone was selling there Tannoy Westminster’s and Duelund crossover parts would you know if the Duelund parts are still for sale ? .

    Cheers Lance

    • Hey Lance,

      Thanks for the kind words. Bill ended up keeping his Duelund-ized WRSEs. He at first thought he wouldn’t be able to take them with him at his new job location, but fortunately he was able to keep them after all.



  4. That’s really beautiful, Jeff. The contrast between the plinth’s mass & those graceful Schick arms reminds me of some of the piano-bass duo albums I’ve been listening to lately.

    2 questions:
    Why the stereo cartridge shift?

    Should we all start considering using a rubber mat, or is that a specific match to the Garrard or just a matter of maintaining the vintage appearance?

    • Hi Mark,

      Do you mean going from the EMT TSD-15 to the stereo SPU Ortofon? If so, it is just for fun to try it. I will still have the EMT as well.

      The rubber mat is the stock one that comes with Classic 301. I don’t know yet if I’ll use that (or any) mat. On my VPI Classic I preferred the sound with no mat. Just for fun I may try a cork mat too.

      Thanks for stopping by!



  5. Hey Jeff, that looks stunning. Does that mean the VPI Classic goes out of the main system and is up for sale?? Please share the results of the sound vs the Classic.

    Cheers Hritik.

  6. So beautiful! If I ever had a chanse to overcome the customs issues in my country, I would order one and it would be my last turntable. I wonder if you ever considered SPU 95A (if it still exists in Ortofon’s stocks). It’s a great cartridge and I’m sure works great with Schick tonearm.

    • Hi Ahmet,

      As a result of your comment, I just went out to the Ortofon web page and read about the SPU 95A. It looks like a terrific cartridge, and if I ever get the chance to check one out, I will. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Kind regards,


      • Jeff,

        I already have one and I’m about to finish the review about it to be published in Stereo Mecmuası (means stereo magazine in English) on line. Although my first impression on it didn’t happen to be a very exciting one (mounted on Ortofon TA 210 arm, through Whest PS. 30RTD), changing the tonearm with Ikeda 12″ and the phono stage with ASR Basis Exclusive, my whole impression changed. It is such a beautiful cartridge to listen to, with spectecular micro dynamics, big an bold presentation, life size instrumental textures and so on. Since internal impedence of most SPU’s are very low, careful impedence matching is crutial (45 ohm ideally) and ASR is very flexible on this manner as you also know. I had to give the ASR phono stage back since it was at home for a trial. Then Mr, Baklavas of Ypsilon Electronics prepared a step-up transformer to work with most of my cartridges. Theorically I wasn’t convinced with what he did (140 ohm impedence with 20 db gain) but the result is fantastic. The Ypsilon MM phono stage to work with it hasn’t arrived yet but the step-up connected to Whest is so good that I cannot imagine the result through Ypsilon phono stage.
        Anoluge is a game full of surprises. The reason I wrote about all these experiments was simply to share my experience about the capability of SPU’s, provided that they are matched with the right electronics and there are times that theory doesn’t work.
        Last word: As my age has reached 56, I tend to prefer the genuine and elegant excitement of oldies to the daring and overexpressive presentation of youngsters

        • Hi Ahmet,

          Being just a wee bit older than you, I couldn’t agree more! 🙂 The genuine and elegant excitement is where it’s at!

          I too am still experimenting with my SPUs. The SPU mono is working wonderfully well, but I still have a ways to go to finding a nice SUT match for my SPU stereo cartridge. I hope to have a bespoke SUT here shortly that will provide the last bit of magic needed.

          Kind regards,


          • Bespoke SUT is the best way to go with those cartridges Jeff. I wish you a great time with your SPUs.



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