Dec 192014

I just bought a copy of Ken Kessler’s McIntosh history book direct from McIntosh for $150 USD.

McIntosh by KK

It is a big, beautifully done, coffee table style book written by Ken Kessler in 2006.

McIntosh by KK contents

There’s lots of good content for Mac fans including chapters about McIntosh’s roots, vacuum tube designs, the use of McIntosh in live & recorded music production, and lots of other interesting topics.

McIntosh by KK where it started

McIntosh started as a company in 1949 …

McIntosh by KK roots

The photography in the book is gorgeous. Check out that old Mac tube amp in the photo above!

McIntosh by KK Sidney

There’s a really nice article about Sidney Corderman in Ken’s book. The late Harry Pearson introduced me to Mr. Corderman at his home in Sea Cliff, where there was a large gathering of the audio industry who’s who for the TAS reunion party. It was quite an event, and quite a thrill to meet some of audio’s illuminati!

McIntosh by KK 275

Look at that gorgeous McIntosh MC275!

McIntosh by KK mc30

Check out that MC30 advertisement above!

McIntosh by KK mc240

Above is one of my favorite McIntosh amps, the MC240!

McIntosh by KK live music

Did you know George Harrison was a McIntosh fan? He was. Notice the cancelled checks above.

McIntosh by KK Brian Wilson mastering Pet Sounds

Did you know Brian Wilson mastered Pet Sounds using a McIntosh MC240? He did.

McIntosh by KK woodstock

Did you know that McIntosh was used to amplify the musicians at Woodstock? It was. Did you know the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound was McIntosh? It was.

Historically, McIntosh was used by a lot of musicians when playing live music, was/is used in studios for mastering work, and listened to at home by discerning musicians. There’s a reason.

Ken Kessler’s McIntosh is a great read on all things McIntosh, and I highly recommend it to McIntosh aficionados everywhere!

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