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Today’s Fresh Catch includes the Acoustic Revive RR-888 Ultra Low-Frequency Pulse Generator, and the remarkable Acoustic Revive PC-TripleC interconnect cables.

As many of you know, over the years I’ve written a lot about the innovative Acoustic Revive audio accessories manufactured by the brilliant Mr. Ken Ishiguro in Japan. In fact, I’ve spent more time writing about Ken’s Acoustic Revive accessories than I have anything from any other company by a long shot.

“Why?” you ask. Well firstly, because Acoustic Revive accessories have always worked great in my Hi-Fi rig, and have always delivered the promised performance improvement. Secondly, their quality is second to none. Thirdly, they often improve system performance in ways that no other manufacturer has even thought about, let alone developed a product for, meaning that you can add performance to your audio system in ways that wouldn’t even be possible otherwise.

Is there a down side? Well, they’re generally fairly expensive, but you do indeed get what you pay for with Acoustic Revive accessories, so at least they’re righteously expensive. The other down side is that once you try them, you’ll find yourself wanting more, and if you’ve looked closely at the photos in my articles for 6Moons and Positive Feedback Online over the years, you’ve seen Acoustic Revive accessories everywhere in my Hi-Fi systems – they’re addictive!

Acoustic Revive Ch 11

The RR-888 Ultra Low-Frequency Pulse Generator is an updated version of the RR-777 Ultra Low-Frequency Pulse Generator (which is still being produced), with an improved “accuracy of the waveform”, a “further low-noise circuit” and which is gold in color instead of silver. (click on one of the photos below to see a larger screenshow version of the photos)


Like the RR-777 (and the RR-77 before it), the RR-888 generates a 7.83Hz Schumann frequency pulse that ‘shields’ your HiFi electronics and listening room from radio frequency interference and thereby improves the S/N ratio so the electronics perform better. I’m convinced these interesting devices massage your brain and ears at the same time too!

In case I haven’t said so specifically before, first the RR-77, then the RR-777, and now the RR-888, are my favorite audio accessories of all time! The improvement an RR brings to the listening experience is not subtle, and I absolutely love demonstrating these little Schumann generators to friends and visitors to Jeff’s Place, and watching the bewildered looks on faces that I often get when they experience the RR effect for the first time. If you only buy one audio accessory for your Hi-Fi rig, I recommend you make it an RR!

Now for something so exotic that a short description can’t really do it justice, the new PC-TripleC interconnects which will take their place at the top of the Acoustic Revive interconnect lineup. There isn’t a web page for the PC-TripleC yet, but below is copy of the PC-TripleC brochure that is very interesting indeed.

Acoustic Revive PC-TripleC interconnects

Notice the artwork of the in the upper righthand part of the brochure? That’s a Japanese blacksmith preparing a Samurai sword through a forging, hammering, and folding process. Did you guess how the new PC-TripleC interconnects are made? Yes indeed, just like a Samurai sword that is forged, hammered, and folded.

Yoshi San (the Acoustic Revive exporter) told me, “On a Japanese hi-fi magazine called “Cable Encyclopedia”, 14 Japanese audio journalists selected their best cables … all of 14 journalists selected Acoustic Revive new cable as one of their best cables.” There’s a huge wave of popularity that these PC-TripleC interconnects are riding on in the Japanese audio scene, so I’m really curious to hear what all the fuss is about.

I’ll be connecting my Leben CS-600 amplifier and RS-30EQ phono equalizer with the new PC-TripleC interconnects shortly, and will be writing a full feature article on these new items from Acoustic Revive in a future issue of Positive Feedback Online.

I’ll try to post a few snippets of impressions as I go here at Jeff’s Place so you can get in on the fun. I’ll also try to post some closeup photos of these interconnects in the near future. The quality of construction is astonishingly good.

Oh, and I have some good news for you, Joe Cohen, of the Lotus Group is now once again importing Acoustic Revive products to the USA!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to have much more news on these products as the review progresses.

From my home to yours, may the music make you happy!

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  5 Responses to “Today’s Fresh Catch: Acoustic Revive!”

  1. Hello Jeff, nice to read about the new AR RR-888! I was not aware of it existence. I still owe the RR-77. One of my most beloved Audiophile roomtools. I love it. I never listen to music without it. I am already looking forward for your review about the RR-888.

    It is going very well with me. I made some little changes in my set. Tomorrow I will make a bigger step. I will receive my new loudspeaker kables. In the coming time I will send you a mail about the developments in my set. In this I need some time to write it in proper english. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

    Nice greetings,


    • Hi Siedy,

      Like the RR-77, the RR-777 and RR-888 are very nice devices, and my favorite audio accessory. Both the RR-777 & RR-888 have about four times the Schumann pulse strength that the RR-77 does. Right now I use an RR-77 plus an RR-888 in my large listening room, and an RR-777 in my smaller listening room, and that has been working out nicely.

      Sounds like you’re having fun with some system changes! Keep me posted on your results!

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jeff,

    What if holding the RR777 or RR888 vertically on the wall (to save some space) , will it dilute the effect ?

    Kind regards


  3. I had the same question.
    I have an RR777 on its way, after hearing the effect at Barry G’s place in Montana.
    Looks like Jeff may have moved on to bigger and better things?
    Will find out for myself I guess.

    • Hi Clmelis,

      I still use all three (RR-77, RR-777, and RR-888). I use one RR-777 plus an RR-888 in my large room with the WRSEs, and one RR-777 in my smaller room with the Maestro’s VOTTs, and an RR-77 in my Harbeth room.

      You’ve made a good investment!



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