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If you read the post where David King checked in to tell us about the beautiful leather bound volume (below) of ‘The World of Music’ by Kjell Bloch Sandved, you know I was intrigued, and I ordered a copy of a later edition from a used book seller on Amazon (because I couldn’t find the same one David found).

The World of Music 0

The version I ordered was the ‘First American Edition’ of 1963, and consisted of four volumes, each containing about 400 pages.

The World of Music 0

While the photos on Amazon showed the beautiful leather bound version that David told us about, the one I actually received was more like classic dictionary fare, and bound like a college textbook rather than David’s luxury European edition of 1954.

The World of Music 1

The Publisher’s Foreword to The First American Edition says that it includes “more than three years of additional writing, rewriting, interviewing, and research by a large editorial staff, this American version of a contemporary European classic is now published. It is the only popular illustrated music encyclopedia of such large scope ever produced in English for the general reader. This work is based on the The World of Music which, edited by K. G. Sandved, had first been published in Norway and then translated from the original Norwegian into many European languages.”

The World of Music 2

The Publisher’s Forward goes on to say, “The present volumes are completely revised, enlarged, and expanded for American readers, in order to give proper attention to our own national musical habits – our tastes and interests – and the enormous and varied atmosphere and condition of music in America. Thus, appearing in this edition only, are articles on the American musical theater, modern dance, folk music, jazz, and many other topics of lively interest in both popular and classical music. In this edition only, are the innumerable entries on popular singers, performers, and others who are or have become part of American musical life.”

The World of Music 3

I’m glad to have the additional musical content, as it cuts across my musical interests, but I wish I had a copy of the classy leather-bound, one-volume European version too, as I think it would be fun to have out as a ‘coffee table book’ for friends during listening sessions, so I’ll keep looking for a nice copy of the English language European version too.

The World of Music 5

Here’s a tip for my fellow bibliophiles out there: My sweet friend, Cindy, who knows that I’m an avid reader, gave me a tooled leather-bound volume of The Leopold Shakspere, circa 1870’s.

Leopold Shakspere 0

The preface of this beautiful book says, “The Leopold Shakspere contains the works of the Poet arranged according to a conjectural chronological order supplied most kindly by Professor Delius, of Bonn, expressly for this edition.”

Leopold Shakspere 1

There is a lovely hand written note in my volume: “To Louisa, from Will, Christmas, 1875.”

Thank you, Cindy! I anticipate more ‘Shakspere’ coming into my life!

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  1. The “Will” in the inscription in the Shakespeare volume is Will Butler. Will is the father of my great grandfather, William Butler. Both men were engineers for the city of San Francisco. I have such fond memories of Grandpa Butler. He rode his bike up until the day he passed at age 93.

    I’m happy to see this volume grace your collection!

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