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The Duelund-Westminster Project is live on Positive Feedback Online in Issue 70!

136 Duelund XO closeup

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the article is huge with over 40 pages of text and 137 photographs. Editor Dave decided to break it up into two parts to make it a little more manageable to read on the website, and you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Here’s a few little snippets to whet your appetite:

123 WRSE with Duelund XOs

“My first impressions during the early project phases were “Oh my God—what a difference!” and that is even more true of the completed project. In one word — breathtaking!”

134 WRSE with Duelund XO

“Song after song, album after album, my initial positive impressions of the Duelund CAST crossovers were continually reinforced, and over time I became even more impressed with their musical prowess and their remarkable ability to provide beyond state of the art sonics, musicality, and an emotional connection that just left me speechless.”

8 Duelund CAST capacitors 2

“For those of you who were not yet familiar with Duelund Coherent Audio, whether you are an enthusiast or a loudspeaker manufacturer, I hope that this article has given you a good introduction to the Duelund CAST capacitors, inductors, and resistors, as well as given you a sense of the rather dramatic performance improvement they can offer to audio reproduction.

In their quest for attaining audio perfection, Frederik Carøe and Magnus F. Pedersen, the principals of Duelund Coherent Audio, have accomplished something amazing and inspiring with their handcrafted Duelund CAST components, and I think that their friend and mentor, Steen Duelund, would be excited and proud to behold what they have accomplished. I certainly am in awe of what they have done with the Duelund CAST components!”

51 view of the Duelund crossover

“It is truly hard to find the words to fully express what these Duelund components are capable of, in their sonic and musical prowess, and in the emotional power they unleash in the music. I suspect to fully understand what I’m talking about you’re going to want to feel the power of Duelund CAST components for yourself, for they are alive with the glory of music!

Whether you have a pair of Tannoy Westminster Royal SEs that you want to take to the next level, or perhaps Canterbury SEs, or another loudspeaker altogether, yes, yes, the Duelund CAST components are most highly recommended!

The Cast of the Duelund-WRSE Project

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone involved in making the Duelund-WRSE Project a reality, for without their contributions of materials, guidance, and encouragement, this remarkable project would not have been possible.

Frederik Carøe (Duelund Coherent Audio, Denmark): I would like to offer an immense “Thank you!” to Frederik Carøe for his immense support in providing the remarkable collection of Duelund Coherent Audio CAST capacitors, inductors, and resistors for The Project. Steen Duelund and The Doctor are smiling.

Mark Coles (Sablon Audio, England, UK): I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Mark Coles for introducing me to Frederik, his many good ideas for rewiring the Westminsters, and contributing his amazing Panatela cables to The Project.

Dr. Paul Mills (Tannoy, Scotland, UK): I would like to thank Paul Mills for his patience in answering my many questions about the WRSE crossovers, about how best to proceed with various aspects of The Project, and for providing a pair of Tannoy autotransformers for use in The Project.

David Biancosino (Dave Biancosino, Answers in Art, Washington State, USA): Many thanks to my friend Dave for rolling up his sleeves and going into his woodshop to create the tone wood isolation bases from scratch used for the Duelund CAST external crossovers – totally awesome!

Pete Riggle (Pete Riggle Audio Engineering, Washington State, USA): Many thanks to Pete Riggle for helping me do the layout for a breadboard crossover to get the balling rolling, and to Stephaen Harrell for bringing over some fine victuals from the El Fat Cat Grill to support the effort! You guys are awesome!

Jeff Day (Positive Feedback Online, Washington State, USA): I guess I should add in yours truly, for contributing my pair of Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers, for funding miscellaneous materials, and managing The Project to a successful conclusion!”

15 Duelund CAST 4 mH & 1 mH Air Core Inductors Close-up

Duelund Coherent Audio products are available through Parts Connexion in North America.

To find out about the availability of Duelund Coherent Audio components in other parts of the world please consult the Duelund Coherent Audio website, and if you want to inquire about special applications or custom orders for specific projects you can contact Frederik Carøe directly for more information.”

I hope you enjoy the Duelund-Westminster Project article, it really was a labor of love on the part of all those involved.

Oh, by the way, the Duelund-Westminster Project is not over yet … I’ll have some exciting developments to share with you in the future that I hinted at in the article!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  10 Responses to “The Duelund-Westminster Project is Live on Positive Feedback Online!”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Indeed excellent stuff! It is an impressive article. An masterpiece in the history of the Westminster Tannoy Royal SE. You put a lot of effort in the whole project and the results are AWESOME!

    I want to thank you for open up your mind and your beloved Westminster to make this project possible!



  2. Very familiar but enjoyable to read in its entireity. It should be noted and earlier confirmed by Pambos that there is a less cost version without too much of a performance compromise. With my WRSE/Duelund project, I used the Duelund Standrard Resistors, the 20uF Alu. Capacitor and by bypassing the Energy and Roll Off controls completely without the 3.3uF Capacitor in the high frequency Crossover. Furthermore, with the use of the Copper lugs, the Cast Resistors and the Cast 20uf Capacitor can be added at a later date with no difficulty.

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the kind words – appreciated. 🙂

      There are a number of things one could do to save money, as you point out, both in rewiring the WRSEs as well as building the external crossovers.

      However, I do think that the basic approach of moving the crossovers outboard, rewiring the WRSEs with a single length of cabling, removing signal degrading connectors & solder connections wherever possible, and using premium components is a recipe for an excellent outcome.

      My article showcased the use of the superb Duelund CAST copper components with the Duelund-WRSE project that Frederik so graciously provided for the project, and it turned out spectacularly good.

      Yet one could imagine an even more ambitious project using the Duelund CAST silver components along with a custom silver autotransformers.

      I hope to be able to report on the result of further modifications in the future – stay tuned!

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Jeff:

    I can dream but I know i will never hear the Duelund CAST silver components in my WRSE speakers. A custom silver autoformer would be a welcomed addition. I’m surprised there is not more activity along the lines of the more reasonable Duelund external crossover and its resulting obvious and significant upgrade to one’s whole audio system. Furthermore, to get the economy going, it’s worth every cent of the remortage or loan.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Frank,

      Your message makes me smile! 🙂 That’s because I know you know how much of a positive difference a Duelund crossover can make! It does make one wonder where the peak of the Gaussian curve is for cost vs. performance on a WRSE crossover upgrade. Could one get 75% of the performance increase for 50% of the expense with carefully chosen component and wiring? I honestly don’t know the answer, but like you, I am very impressed with the Duelund outboard crossovers on the WRSEs.

      Wire is important, as I observed going from the 47 Labs wire that I prototyped with (excellent wire by the way), to the superb Sablon Audio Panatela cables which offer a dramatic improvement. The difference was not subtle. However, Mark’s original suggestion of using the same Neotech wire that was used to wire the crossovers as internal wiring for the WRSEs may be a viable option for saving a little money as well.

      I am not as sure about using the non-CAST Duelund components in place of the CAST components, just because I have no experience with them, but my guess is that they would be really, really, good too.

      So someone could do the same approach, but use the regular Duelund components, Neotech wire, and I bet the outcome would be fantastic.

      I have to admit, though, that I would really like to hear some silver CAST capacitors in the high-frequency crossovers!



  4. Hi Jeff:

    You mentioned “using non-CAST Duelund components in place of CAST components.” So there is no misunderstanding, my non-CAST are in the less critical areas of the crossover, in particular the 20uF Capacitor in the low frequency section. My Inductors are the PIO CAST and also my high frequency Capacitors are the 2.2uF and 6.8uF CAST. Now I’m waiting to see what you and Pambos can stir up or rmake happen with regard to the silver autoformer.


    • Hi Frank,

      No worries, I wasn’t thinking that at all. I was just trying to say that there’s a lot of approaches one can take to hot-rodding the Tannoys that should yield good results. I try not to be dogmatic when it comes to upgrades, as there’s lots of good ways to do things, and I continue to learn something new everyday it seems.

      My attitude is that this hobby is about having fun with our Hi-Fi gear, enjoying the music we like to listen to, and having some good times with our friends. All that is required is a smile, a hearty laugh, and a bottle of wine (or some equally interesting beverage)! On the more serious side, we are definitely trying to search out some really nice bottles of wine for our audio occasions! 😉

      I wish you were a little closer, Frank, you’d certainly be a welcome member to join our get togethers for this merry band of audio nuts – that’s for sure!



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