May 172013

I just wanted to let you know about something handy I’ve run across: Peavey color coded microphone ID tape. The Peavey color coded microphone ID tape includes eight rolls of tape in different colors: yellow, blue, red, orange, brown, green, white, and silver.

While the intention of the Peavey tape is to identify various stage microphones from the mixing board, it also happens to be the perfect set of colors to color code your wires inside your Tannoy cabinets or on your outboard Duelund crossovers. $18 USD at

Peavey Tape

The color coding scheme Tannoy uses for the internal wiring harness follows the convention of:

Brown LF (+ve)

Blue LF (–ve)

Yellow HF (+ve)

Green HF (–ve) – this wire is black on the female connector to the driver.

Green/Yellow (Earth)

The color coding for the Tannoy autoformer follows this convention:

Red (+3)

Orange (+1.5)

Yellow (0)

Green (-1.5)

Blue (- 3)

Black (- HF in from the amp)

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