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The 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards for 2012 is now live here. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“I always cringe a little bit when the esteemed Positive Feedback Online Editors Dave Clark and David Robinson send out the call for the Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards, as it means that it is once again time to sift through the past year of reviews and identify only 3 items for an award. As our dear Editors make very clear every year, “This is for THREE (3) components, music, whatever, only! That is 3! Not 4, not 5, not 6… but 3”.

Like always, I very carefully vet each and every item I accept for review, as my time availability for writing and reviewing has been more limited than I’d like lately, so pretty much everything that I have written about for Positive Feedback Online in 2012 was a winner in its own right. So that means that I had to pick 3 Writers’ Choice Awards out of a group of winners that all deserved special mention, which I found to be no easy task.

Since the 8th Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards for 2011 were published in Issue 58, November/December 2011, I have written five reviews, which made up my list of nominees for 2012:

In Issue 59, January/February 2012, I wrote about Jim Smith’s indispensible Get Better Sound Three DVD Reference Set.

In Issue 60, March/April 2012, I wrote about Mark Coles’ Sablon Audio Gran Corona AC power cord.

In Issue 63, September/October 2012, I wrote about the Tempo Electric Aurum Ag Big TwistInterconnects.

In Issue 63, September/October 2012, I wrote about the Sablon Audio Panatela Special Edition Component Speaker Cables.

In Issue 64, November/December 2012, I wrote about Tannoy’s magnificent flagship loudspeakers, the Kingdom Royal.

So 2012’s reviews consisted of three reviews of wire products (the Sablon Audio Gran Corona AC power cord, the Sablon Audio Panatela Special Edition Component Speaker Cables, and the Tempo Electric Aurum Ag Big Twist Interconnects), and one loudspeaker review (the magnificent TannoyKingdom Royal).

After careful consideration, and without further ado, my three Writers’ Choice Awards from this group of winners are:”

See Positive Feedback Online for the winners! Here.

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  2 Responses to “The 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards for 2012 – The Best of the Best!”

  1. Hi Jeff, have read about most of the equipment at the awards and believe you got to review the best! Hehe. When I get around to it will be buying Jim Smiths DVD set. You are so lucky to have gotten the chance to review the Tannoy Kingdom Royals. I probably will never ever get the chance to hear those magnificent incredible speakers unless won the lottery. Is always a pleasure to read your reviews, what you write here and also everyone’s contributions to this site. Even though sometimes you are very busy hope you will always keep up the great work here and at Positive Feedback. Kind Regards, Dodd

    • Hi Dodd,

      Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

      The Kingdom Royals were really amazing speakers, and I miss them. They’re out of my price range too. 🙁

      Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound DVD set (and book) are really an amazing resource – you’ll love them.

      There are lots of cool things in the works coming up here and Positive Feedback Online (where I’ll go in depth).

      Thanks again for the kind words.



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