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I can’t believe how behind on posts I am! I have a bunch of things I want to tell you about, but the time has just been getting away from me. Where does it go!?

Before I get into some Fresh Catchs and such I want to share a couple of messages that I received from Siedy about ViaBlue™ Lautsprecherkabel, and from Robert on some amazing DIY Westminster loudspeakers.

That’s Siedy in the photo above (and below) with his new pair of ViaBlue™ Lautsprecherkabels.

If you’ve been following along on my blog you already know that Siedy has superb taste in Hi-Fi gear. That’s Siedy with his Westminster Royal SEs with the Tannoy ST-200 supertweeters perched on top of them in the photo above. Oh, before I forget, Siedy shared a tip with me about waxing his Westminsters that other Westy owners will appreciate and want to know about:

“I waxed for the second time my Westminster with the special Tannoy Woodwax. On each Westminster I put now 2 pots of wax! The Tannoy wax gives the WM now a nice glow. But now comes the best! The WM sounds now BETTER! The bass is tighter and the overall sound is somehow more transparant! Strange, strange … or not? I have an idea that in the way the wax is working lies a little secret. Now with the wax on the WM and knocking on the WM you can here a less wooden ‘klonky’ sound. I have the idea the people from Tannoy put some kind of ‘siliconen’ in the wax. Although this is how the wax feels when it is on the WM. It looks like if I putted a lacquer on the WM instead of wax. Wow, strange and funny! (see the picture with the ST 200: see how the wood is ‘glowing’)”

I know what Siedy means about waxing the Westminsters, it really does make them sound better. I feel a little silly that I haven’t tried Tannoy’s wax on my Westminsters, but I have waxed them a couple of times with a fine New England (and later French) furniture wax and it does make a really nice difference in the sound quality.

Siedy has been telling me I need to give the ST-200s a listen, and I’m sure he’s right. I’m going to ask Tannoy if they’ll send me a pair to write up for Positive Feedback Online when I get caught up on reviews a little bit more. I’m running a 6-month review queue at the moment, which means I’m way in over my head! It also means I’ve got a lot of really cool Hi-Fi gear to tell you about, so stay tuned.

Siedy has a big smile on his face in the photos above because he really likes the way the ViaBlue™ cables are working in his system:

“In Germany and also in whole Europe there is a lot of buzz around the cables of VIABLUE! I have them since today in my home and they are awesome good! See the photo’s for the fantastic look and feel of the Cable. It almost seems if the people from ViaBlue have made the cables specially for Tannoy’s. The match is great. The sound is superb. On level with my so beloved Siltech FT 12 SG-G3 (an silver – gold cable). And then look at the prices … almost too cheap! Perhaps something for the future: testing the ViaBlue cables. Nice greetings and lots of fun and pleasure listening and reviewing all the nice gear you have at your home.”

If you get a chance be sure to give the ViaBlue™ cables a listen, Siedy’s got great taste in Hi-Fi gear so you know they’ll be something special.

Also, Robert sent me a link to go check out Simon’s DIY Westminster build. I’ll tell you what, Simon did a fantastic job, his DIY Westminsters are drop dead gorgeous! I am in awe!

Many thanks to Siedy for sharing the great photos, tips on Westminsters, and the news about the ViaBlue™! Many thanks to Robert for sharing the link of the DIY Westminsters!


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  11 Responses to “Checking In: Siedy on ViaBlue and Robert on Simon’s DIY Westminster Build”

  1. Hey friends,

    wow, im very happy that here is another place for the ViaBlue things in the internet.

    Thank you Jeff and Siedy!

    Im Tannerd since decades and active rock musician –
    and must say, the ViaBlue cables are by far the best i ever heard.

    In my different equipments in my house are running all ViaBue products.

    I also founded a german internet forum about ViaBlue with many fans of this brand.

    Its here:

    Nearly all Tannerds i know in germany changed to the ViaBlue cables and they are all very very happy.

    I also do use the big bases from ViaBLue, the loudspeaker Spike systems and the power net cables.

    I tested hundreds of different cables in my life – there is nothing comparable to the nature sound of ViaBLue.

    Its really sounding almighty in every diszipline with unendless dynamics .


    Your Werner from germany

  2. Here are my new power net cables X 40 from ViaBlue:

  3. Sorry friends,

    it do not work to fill in pictures in this webside –

    so click this link to my gallery:
    (VIaBlue Powernet cables)

    If this works, i send you some other pics.

  4. Hello Jeff,

    WOW! A whole ‘Checking in’ about me! During reading I had the feeling: is this really me? Yes, it is me. Thanks for the nice words.

    The cable I have in my hands is the SC 6 Silver Biwire. Later I bought the NF 6 air interlink from VIABLUE. Both the cables have the same family touch……very organic and dynamic combined with a very precise and transparent picture. These cables are perhaps not made for the lovers of a laidback and rounded sound. The pictures they are presenting is in front of the Westminster with a real low bass and with real world dynamics. Perhaps this is one of the most dynamic cable I have ever heard. Compared to the SC 6 Silver most of the cables have an compressed and flawed effect. If you really want to hear what is in the recording (nice and bad!) than these cables will help you with it.

    In short term I will write something about the sound bases of VIABLUE. These have an remarkable positive effect!
    And………based on the reviews of a lot of German Audiophiles the powercords of VIABLUE are terrible…….good. Next week I receive three of them. I bought these one for the ASR Emitter. I will inform you about it.

    Nice and friendly greetings


  5. OK friends,

    the links do work, so i have much stuff for you all:)

    Here is my X 40 Power Cable from ViaBlue with the big 20Ampere Hubbell Plug from ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive:

    Here is my power bar for the Emitter:

    Here X 40 with STandard Plug:

    Here X 40 in my DSS netfilter:

    Power cable complete:

    Here are my speaker cables SC 6 Bi Wire for Tannoy Glenair and SC4 for the Velodyne DD 15 Woofer:

    Here ViaBLue NF Overkill at my Emitter in comparison with NF cable from Sommer:)))

    Here my ViaBLue 5.0 GRanit base for Emitter:

    Here my Tannoy Turnberry on wooden Black 5.0 bases from ViaBLue
    (makes this little speaker sounding like my old Westminster T.W.! )



    Overwhelming- the wooden base 5.0 ViaBlue:

    ViaBLue Speaker spikes:

    The ass of my Tannoy GLenair with the ViaBLue SC 6 cables:

    Me and some new ViaBLues on me:)

    Some ViaBLue NF 6 cables before entering my Esoteric Player:

    and me very very lucky:

    My DC 8 very lucky:)

    a rock of speaker cable:

    my new S 900 Silver HDMI cable from ViaBLue:

    As you can see, im full in ViaBLue fever:)


  6. Hi Werner
    Nice photo’s . The isolation pads under the st 200 where did you get them from.

    cheers lance

  7. Hello Lance,

    The guy on the photos’ is not Werner, It is me.

    I bought the isolation pads years ago at the local audio shop. I asked hem about it. He even forgot that he ever sold them. There is also no brandname on it!

    So I cannot help you. Sorry.


  8. Jeff,

    Can we (any and all willing participants) have a discussion (maybe in this thread or maybe in a new one) about adding super-tweeters? I have some experience with this issue and wonder if I could have made a mistake.

    • Hey Jim,

      Sounds fine by me. I could dedicate a post to it. Let me work up a post, and we can all report our findings.

      Kind regards,


  9. Great!

    I do have a fair amount of experience I would like to share and invite input from those who have a different experience (or the same, for that matter).

    • Hey Jim,

      If you like to write up something and send me a few photos in an e-mail, then I could turn it into a post to get the discussion ball rolling.

      Kind regards,


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