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The Kingdom Royal review (something new) is now complete and is with the very cool Editors Dave and David at Positive Feedback Online for publication in the November issue, which will go live this coming week. The Kingdom Royals have officially become my favorite dynamic loudspeakers, with a luxurious and sophisticated way of presenting the music that is both distinctly ‘Tannoy’ and uncommonly musical and engaging. I enjoyed every moment with the Kingdom Royals and am truly sorry to see them go on their way. Many thanks to everyone at Tannoy for letting me take the Kingdom Royals for a spin, they are a fantastic loudspeaker!

My perfect loudspeaker world would be to have a speaker stable consisting of my big Tannoy Westminster Royal SEs, the Tannoy Kingdom Royals, and a mint pair of the original Quad 57s. That would give me ultra-references for horn loudspeakers (the Westminster Royal SEs), dynamic loudspeakers (the Kingdom Royals), and electrostatic loudspeakers (the Quad 57s). I wish Tannoy wanted to leave the Kingdom Royals with me for a long term reference! (cough, cough)

My buddy Chad came over to help me box up the Kingdom Royals so Tannoy could pick them up for their trip to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the unboxing party for the Kingdom Royals – that I wrote about earlier – there was the Tannoy recommended 5 people present to lift the heavy speakers off their interlocking pallets. Now there was just Chad & myself to dead lift the massive 265 pound speakers and place them on their interlocking pallets. Chad and I are uncommonly fit for old codgers, but it was still quite an effort, and remarkably our backs are still intact!

After boxing up the Kingdom Royals, Chad & I set back up my Westminster Royal SEs (something old) in the same spot that I had settled on for the Kingdom Royals, which was about 75-inches from the front wall with 96-inches of separation between the two loudspeakers.

Next I hooked up the Sablon Audio Panatela component speaker cables designed by Mark Coles in London, then the ASR Emitter II Version Blue (something blue) amplifier (below). (I’ll have more to say about the Panatela cables with the Westminster Royal SEs in the future, but for now know that they are as wonderful with the Westminster Royal SEs as they were with the Kingdom Royals that I used in the review)

There will be dedicated reviews of both the ASR Emitter II Version Blue amplifier and the ASR Basis Exclusive phono equalizer in the coming months. The synergy between Tannoys and ASR that we’ve been hearing about is very real and very impressive. I’ll have a lot more to say in the future on this topic.

After getting the system warmed up, Chad and I listened to the Muddy Waters’ & The Rolling Stones’ Live at the Checkerboard Lounge LP over a couple of micro-brew beers as a reward for our efforts. Cheers!

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Ian Stewart during their Rolling Stones’ American tour, got to Chicago early and went to Muddy Waters’ Checkerboard Lounge to hear Muddy, Buddy, Lefty, and other luminaries play the blues Chicago style! What would you do if you were Muddy Waters and all of a sudden you saw Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Ian walking in and sitting down right up front? You guessed it, The Stones ended up joining the band for an amazing performance.

Listening to this album over the Westminster Royal SE and ASR combination reminded me of my own visit to a live Chicago blues bar a while back – it was amazing! Don’t miss this album!

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  1. Hello Jef,

    This must be a sad day for you! Seeing the Kingdom Royal SE leaving your house. In some way it must feel saying goodbye to a good friend. But he, there is still another good friend in the house. This friend, the beloved Tannoy Westminster Royal SE, was waiting for the ASR amps. And finally you hooked them on. Already these nice amps let you feel as if you were live in the Chicago blues bar! Nice to read.

    I wish you much nice listening hours to the combination Tannoy/ASR. I am looking forward to read more of your experience with it.

    You mentioned the Quad ESL 57 as one of your references. Beside the Tannoy Westminster I owe another set of speakers………..the Quad ESL 63 PRO! I must confess I am listening mostly to the Westminster.

    Nice greetings,


    • Hi Siedy,

      I was sad to see the KRs exit the system, but you are right, the Westminster Royal SEs coming back into the system is like spending time with an old friend. The Westminster + ASR is a wonderful combination, and it’s easy to see why it is so well liked, as it always serves the music.

      The Quads have always had a certain charm to them, but I suppose I would probably be doing the same as you if I had a pair, and listening mostly to the Westminsters.

      More to come!

      Kind regards,


  2. Jeff,

    Just finished reading the review on my lunch break. Guess you really liked the speaker!! Nice review, gave a good idea what to expect with these speakers.

    As always enjoyed your musical recommendations. I have the CD/DVD of the Stones and Muddy. Have you been able to compare the CD vs LP. I bought it for the DVD as I thought the visual experience would be great, and it is. Figured that the recording wouldn’t be good enough to justify getting the LP also.

    I am with you on the Ansermat recordings. Have you received any of the Goldnote LPs from TMH? There are only 2 (Gil Evans Out of the Cool and Reiner Also Sprach Zarathustra). These are great reissues and looks like there are more to come. I am especially looking forward to the Almeida releases as I have a weakness for classical guitar.



    • Hi Beau,

      I really did like the Kingdom Royals a lot. Combined with the ASR electronics & Panatela they form a true super-system that I think anyone would be delighted with.

      I think the Checkerboard Lounge LP is at another level compared to my DVD of it (the LP comes with the DVD too). The recording is surprisingly good. I love the DVD for being able to see the performance, but the music over the big system on the LPs is really something.

      Thanks for the tip on the TMH reissues, I think I better look into them, they sound like something I’d really like! 🙂

      I’ll be watching for the classical guitar releases now that you’ve mentioned them. If you see them before I do be sure to let me know!

      Kind regards,


  3. Hello Jef,

    I just read your review of the Tannoy Royal Kingdom. WOW, what a nice review. Not only because of all the very good things you wrote about the Kingdom and the ASR amps, but also off all the nice background information about Tannoy.
    In the way you describe in a very detailed way your impressions is ‘big fun’ to read. I send your immediately through a lot of my friends and of course to Friedrich Schafer and Werner Baer. I am sure you send your review already to Herr Schafer.

    I want to express my biggest admiration for the very good in depth review you made from the Kingdom in combination with the Emitter and ASR phono stage. And, he, I must be honest. I even saw myself mentioned! Wow, what a big honor. Perhaps to much. Be sure, I am proud to be in your review!

    I know I am big ambassador of the awesome speakers from Tannoy and the big amps from ASR. Perhaps people can understand now better why. I hope a lot of people read your review and become as much of me (and you?) a big fan of these wonderful ‘gobschmacking’ pieces of beautiful products.

    Jeff, many many thanks for your effort and time you put in this review! I am looking forward for your next review: the ASR amps.

    Nice and warm greetings,


    • Hi Siedy,

      Thanks for the kind words on the Kingdom Royal review-very much appreciated. 🙂 I’ve let the Tannoy folks know the review is live, but I haven’t had a chance to alert Friedrich or Zed yet. LIfe is way to busy sometimes!

      I really appreciate what you, Friedrich, and Zed having done for bringing about an opportunity to write about the ASR electronics. They really are something special and it is easy to see why you like the Tannoy + ASR combination so much.

      There will be much more to come!

      Kind regards,


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