Aug 162012

 Ok, I just got home from the office, and there was a package waiting for me from Joseph Levy, the owner of Tempo Electric. Just so you know, Joseph Levy has particularly good taste in audio, and Joseph is more than a little fond of the audio electronic designs of the late Dr. Arthur Z. Loesch [1942-2012]. Tempo Electric was founded by Joseph in 1999 to produce definitive versions of Dr. Loesch’s audio designs. Joseph and Dr. Loesch worked closely together to make some truly impressive electronics, like the  Tempo Electric Model 301 Mono Amplifier utilizing Western Electric vacuum tubes (bel0w).

 They also teamed to produce the 1.1 Control Preamplifier with Phono Stage (below) which Art Dudley awarded a ‘Class A’ rating in Stereophile magazine.

But back to the box that was awaiting me when I got home from the office: Inside was a pair of Joseph’s Aurum Ag interconnects that use a positive conductor made from extra soft 24K gold wire with a the return conductor made from extra soft silver wire, a Teflon jacket over the conductors, and terminated with WBT-0102Ag NextGen RCA plugs that use pure silver conductors.

Here’s what Tempos says about the Aurum Ag interconnects:

“At the request of a client in Europe, we recently fabricated a pair of 1 meter, hybrid interconnects in which the positive conductor was made from extra soft 24K gold wire and the return (minus) conductor from extra soft silver. Since we knew that gold was not as good a conductor as silver (it’s measurably true) and had heard that it tended to make the music sound a bit slower, we weren’t expecting much from this experiment. However, we were truly surprised to hear noticeably less grain through the gold hybrid pair. The sound was clearly more fluid and analog sounding, in a way that only live music can be. Although they seemed to shift the spectrum down a notch, the highs did not really suffer—in fact, they sounded even smoother—nor did the speed of the music. The benefits, at least on LPs, were all positive. Results varied from record to record and your equipment may tell a different story, but now we use them as our personal front-end reference! “

Ok, so gold is like 60 times more expensive than silver, so you’re probably cringing thinking that the price is going to be out of this world, but you can relax, as the Aurum Ag interconnects come in at $656 USD for a 1-meter pair of the 28 gauge interconnects that I have in for review at Positive Feedback Online.

I’ve got them in the system now running in, and they’re sounding nice – more to come!

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