Jun 102011

I’ve just received the production version of the Sablon Audio Panatela interconnect from Mark Coles for review at Positive Feedback Online. Those who have been watching my blog know that Mark lent me a prototype version of the Panatela to listen to (Thanks Mark!) and I was really, really, impressed with it (click on photos for larger views).

The production version of the Panatela looks a little bit different than the prototype I’ve been listening to, but the common heritage is obvious. Mark says “the final production version is better still” than the prototype I’ve been listening to, so I guess we’ll find out if I agree. 😉

This morning while listening to a little music I’ve got the production Panatela connecting my VPI Classic turntable to the NVO SPA-II phono stage, and the the prototype Panatela connecting the NVO SPA-II to my Leben RS-100 preamplifier, and everything is sounding pretty wonderful at the moment.

You should expect to see the formal review of the Panatela about 90 days (or sooner with a little luck) from now at Positive Feedback Online. Just a word to the wise, that if you’re thinking you’ll be wanting a Panatela of your own you might want to get yourself in Mark’s queue for one a little early, because after word gets out about how good this interconnect is from the upcoming reviews you may have to be quite patient before your turn in the queue comes up.

Mark says he uses the best sounding silver conductor wire available on planet Earth, a completely natural fibre dielectric (insulation) with absolutely no crappy sounding teflon or plastics involved, an extremely low capacitance geometry which he says gives the ultimate musicality (just 5.7pF per foot measured at 200khz), solder-less Xhadow plugs are used to avoid solder’s signal degradation, all of the signal carrying parts have undergone deep immersion cryogenic treatments, and to top it all off Mark burns it in completely before he sends it to you using an Audiodharma Anniversary cable cooker – now that’s just plain damn classy!

The price for all this magical classiness? $850 USD for a 3 foot interconnect.

Stop by the Sablon Audio website here and say “Hi!” to Mark.

Thanks for stopping in at Jeff’s Placeappreciated!


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  8 Responses to “Today’s Fresh Catch: The Sablon Audio Panatela IC”

  1. When I connected the Panatelas between arm and A23 transformer I was immediately enchanted .
    but when I tried it on the CD player I was not so convinced …..until I put a Gran corona on the player .
    then I appreciated fully the fantastic qualities of the Panatelas.
    There is a synergy between these two cables ,they work best (at least on digital) when used together

    • Hi Serge,

      I think you’re exactly right, I’ve found the same thing. When used together you really notice the synergy. I really love those Panatelas.



  2. Hi Jeff,
    late this fall I was demoing some Sablon Audio cables (thanks for the heads up,) however the RCAs on the Panatelas were too large for my LFD’s tightly situated RCA posts so I never listened to them. I recently purchased a used pair of Von Gaylord Chinchilla ICs. They are easily the best RCA cables I have owned so far. As it turns out they also have large plugs but I decided to try a coupler from Radio Shack which at least allows me to use them, hopefully without too much sound degradation. Now I’m thinking I should try the Panatelas again now that I have a workaround. (If I remember correctly I think Mark mentioned a smaller termination is available as well.)
    Have you listened to the Chinchillas? If so, any impressions relative to the Panatelas? Thanks,

    • Hi Norman,

      I haven’t heard the Chinchilla ICs so can’t say much there. You’ve got me intrigued though.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Jeff,
    thanks for the reply. I’d be glad to send them to you for a listen. Just let me know…


  4. Jeff,

    I note that the Sablons are not shielded. Do you find any issues with them because of that? I like what you’ve written about them, and have considered them. But shielding is key in our area…

    • I have a pair of the Panatelas and have not noticed any problems associated with the lack of shielding. My setup is rather simple: Mac Mini front end, Wavelength Cosecant DAC, and Leben CS600. I would suggest that you contact Mark directly through his website and ask if you can demo his cables. I was able to get on his waiting list, and, as you know, demoing makes all the difference in the world.

  5. Norm

    I had the same issue as you regarding the large RCAs on the Panatelas but Mark just swapped mine over to the smaller RCA xhadows at no cost. Worked a treat and was seamless.

    Good luck – regards


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