May 012011

Errata 1: I just wanted to let you know I added a ‘reference‘ tab to the top bar to pull up posts that are of ongoing usefulness so they will be easier to find. The bypass mod for the CS660P, system setup articles, and the CS600 & CS660P tube settings tables are there for now, with more coming as they are added.

Errata 2: I’ve updated the Hi-Fi Crème page with some new recommendations.

Errata 3: Speaking of reference articles, I get a lot of e-mail inquiries about the do-it-yourself (DIY) White Lightening Moonshine cables article I wrote for Six Moons way back in September of 2007, which has been second only to the inquiries generated by the Garrard Project articles (1, 2, 3) I started writing even further back in September of 2004.

I think the reason for those articles continued popularity is that for a relatively small investment, and a little bit of your own effort, you can own and enjoy some cables or a classic turntable, respectively, that performs as good as anything currently offered in Hi-Fi ‘dom.

I couldn’t have been more delighted than when I saw that Art Dudley started writing a version of the Garrard Project (1, 2) for Stereophile’s readers (which is still in progress). The main relevance of Art’s Garrard 301 articles to this post is that Art is doing a better version of the Garrard Project than I did back then for Six Moons (I really like Art’s choice of arm, cartridge, and plinth), and more importantly, he’s introducing the delicious Garrard 301 to a much wider Hi-Fi audience through Stereophile. That’s cool.

In like fashion of Art’s Garrard 301 articles to the original Garrard Project, I’ve been thinking about writing an update to the White Lightening Moonshine article to tell you about a set of DIY interconnects I’ve come up with for my own use that are better than almost anything commercially available for an investment of peanuts. I say ‘almost‘ because I’ve been listening to a prototype of the new Sablon Audio Panatela interconnect that just took the honors of ‘best’ in my interconnect experience. By the way, my DIY interconnects (I call them Dark Matter interconnects because of the black conductors used ) smoked my buddy Stephaen’s pair of Cardas Golden Cross interconnects that he brought over for comparison. Did I mention that Cardas Golden Cross is one of my all time favorite commercial interconnects from a musicality perspective?

Interested? If there’s sufficient interest I’ll write up an article about them detailing how to make them.



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  11 Responses to “Errata: References & Hi-Fi Crème & DIY”

  1. Jeff,

    Count me in as interested in your DIY articles.


  2. Jeff,

    I look forward to the DIY article! Thanks!

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I also look forward for much more DIY articles.
    It will be great to put them as part of musicaly good sistems.


  4. I have been using the moonshine for over a year with absolutely no urge (audiophilia nervosa) to buy to replace them.

    I am currently using Q-audio Tao interconnects, I can’t wait hear how the Dark Matter sounds or( replace them). 🙂


  5. Hi Jeff,

    I will put my hand up this one as well, count me in.



  6. sounds like fun, I love diy audio. your right Art is the best. the switchcraft rca jacks are great and they are so cheap suggest buying many extras you’ll be glad you did you can use them compare many wires. my favorite is solid core slilver and single crystal copper. quit tzen and tell us the wire type you use…….I use a sony playstation ps1 and have found a couple of tweaks to pass on. take off the top plastic cover makes big diff in hi’, may be resonance or static issue but it works.also, take out the cheap jack that ac wire plugs into. it is terrible connection. cut the cable it comes with, the wire will barely fit in holes. after solder cut a few stray wire can be cut with pocket knife, big diff. thanks jeff for all the great tips……

    • Hey David,

      Cool all the way around. I’ve still got my PS1, but I confess I haven’t listened to it for a while, as I’ve been spinning LPs mostly (Billie Holiday at the moment). The article on the Dark Matter ICs just went live, so have fun with that … and you’re exactly right, try all kinds of wire, it’s a blast! 🙂

      Kind regards,


  7. Already have plans to build the White Lightning Moonshine cables the summer, so I’d love to add DIY interconnects to the list.

    • Hi Sterling,

      I just posted the Dark Matter IC article, so give them a try and let me know what you think.



  8. Hello Jeff,

    Although a few years later, this is still very interesting to me. As I’m building my own OB speakers with an active analogue filter, I also need to get me some interconnects and speaker cables. I like the WLM cables, but have a problem to get hold of the patio cord over here in Europe. And I’m not sure what alternative to use… So, maybe these diy interlinks could be the ones to build. Could you please post me how to built them? Thanx!!!

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