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I fell in love with the Leben Hi-Fi electronics back in February of 2007 when I wrote an article about the Leben CS600 integrated amplifier for 6Moons.

I ended up buying the review unit (the ultimate recommendation) and have been using it nearly every day in my second system, which is in a small “BBC-sized” listening room that works best for my Harbeth Super HL5 monitors, and makes for a great system for listening to music or for watching movies.

One of the great things about the Leben CS600 is its ability to use a variety of vacuum tubes, which makes it extremely flexible, and a lot of fun to experiment with. I get a lot of e-mails asking about vacuum tube settings for various tube types, so I thought I’d go ahead and post the settings table as a resource.

Be sure to let me know if you find a tube type you really like for the CS600, and I’ll let others know via this blog as a way to share the fun.

Below is the tube settings table for the CS-660P from the Leben web site (the ‘O’ indicates the correct switch position for a particular tube):

Leben CS-660P Switch Settings Table

Here’s my table for the CS-660P that says the same thing in a different format, which I tried to make a little easier to understand than the Leben website table above:


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  136 Responses to “Leben CS600/CS660P Vacuum Tube Settings Tables”

  1. Hi Jeff, for CS600, I just recently got a pair of Raytheon japan 6cs7 and a pair of Sylvania 6cs7. How should I put them in the amp? Currently, I have it as Ray Syl Ray Syl.


    • Hi MK,

      You should run quads of the same tube for inputs, if you run two different manufacturer’s pairs the results could be unpredictable.



  2. Hi Mr. Jeff,

    I have already got Canterbury SE and Leben CS660P. Please therefore kindly advise a combination of what Preamp?
    Thank you for your attention.


    • Try a Leben 28 Preamp. It is with a phono section….
      Maybe a good match with you power amp.

      Kind regards


    • Hi Thanh,

      I’ve always had the best luck with combining preamplifiers from the same manufacturer as the amplifier, so I would think that Leben RS-28CX would be a good choice. Another one to consider is the Leben RS-100U preamplifier, which is warmer, smoother, and more laid back than the RS-28CX, which might make for a nice match with the Tannoy high-frequency driver.

      I hope that helps.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Maik,

    Thank you for your advise.
    I also have planning with Rs-28cx as it may go with Cs660p. But other brand introductions has caused hesitate, such as: Conrad Johnson ET5, Audio note M3…
    By this so large section, I do not expect to get about technique relation or comparation. But I really concern of it’s most effectively performance… Beside of positive specifications of Rs-28Cx we have ever read, please kindly help with your privacy brief reasons or ideas for my decision…
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards,


    • In the most cases you should pair pre and poweramp from the same factory.
      The electrical output from the pre is in some cases very difficult. Maybe other brands can’t handle it.
      On the other hand you must see the thinking of the whole chain.

      I had tried to couple Leben with Shindo. This wont work. But if you drive Leben gear as pre and poweramp,it works really good!
      Maybe Shindo runs better…;-)

      You have the decision to buy a Leben RS-28 with phonostage or you can use the RS100 pre. In this case you need a extra phonostage Leben RS-30. My advice: take a Auditorium23 T1 Step Up and a really good Ortofon SPU. This runs perfectly with a Leben phonostage.



  4. Dear Jeff & Maik

    Thank you for your kind response with useful details. This may enough for my decision.
    Just looking for the Rs-100 for now.
    With love and hanging on to Leben…

    Thank you for your help to step up my system.
    Kind regards,


  5. Hi Mr.Jeff
    I very happy to read your review and advise about Leben CS-600 and Harbeth SHL-5 in which I have both of them as my favorite system. There is one thing that make me confuse that Harbeth has impedance 8ohm ( but in some article you had mention 6ohm) then in Leben CS-600 has selector 4-6-8 ohm so what is most suitable impedance that I will select in Leben Cs-600 for Harbeth SHL-5 ?

    Your kind advise will be highly appreciated

    • Hi San68,

      That’s a really nice combination you have, I really love my CS600 & Harbeth system too.

      Harbeth specified the Super HL5 as a nominal impedance of 6 to 8 ohms (the new HL5plus is specified as 6 ohms), so I would recommend that you try both the 6 and 8 ohm settings, then choose the one that you think sounds the best. I ended up using the 6 ohms setting, but you might prefer 8 ohms.

      I hope that helps.



  6. Hi Jeff,
    I’m new to tube rolling and Leben so it was very helpful to read all your blogs/articles about Leben.
    I’ve just upgraded my amp to Leben CS600 (I used Primaluna before), now I’m looking for some 6CS7 tubes to start rolling.
    For the preamp stage, I’m trying to look for Sylvania 6CS7 but I couldn’t find a matched quad. Can I buy single tubes and put them together?
    Otherwise I have found these on Ebay which has GE 6CS7 and Matsushita 6CS7, what is your thought on this? Should I buy these tubes or keep looking for the Sylvania?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Hi Kyle,

      Welcome to the Leben CS600 club! It’s a great amp!

      My favorites are the Sylvania’s, but I’ve got lots of others too. I’m not sure there is a ‘best’ as different listeners will prefer different tubes.

      If you’re wanting to experiment a little, just give them a try and see how they work out for you. I haven’t tried the Matsushita, so that could be interesting.

      Also Radio Electric Supply normally has a good stock of 6CS7’s of various types, it would be worth checking with them as well.

      Let me know how you like what you try!

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Jeff,

        I have emailed Radio Electric Supply, however they don’t have Sylvania 6CS7 tubes any more.
        I have bought 4 x Matsushita tubes on Ebay, I will give them a try and write a short review to keep you updated



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