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I’ve been agonizing about whether to do it or not, but I’ve decided to put my vintage McIntosh MC225 and vintage McIntosh MC240 stereo power amplifiers up for sale, as they’re not seeing much use of late.

I hate to leave such wonderful vintage McIntosh amplifiers sitting around when they could be making beautiful music for someone, and by purchasing them you’ll be helping me out as I consider another musical adventure here at Jeff’s Place.

I wanted to let readers of Jeff’s Place have first shot at them at a more affordable price before I advertise them more broadly.

My vintage McIntosh MC225.

Vintage MC225 stereo amp, nude.

The MC225 stereo amp was restored by Yves Beauvais (Vintage Vacuum Audio) so it’s in great shape operationally, and about 8/10 cosmetically. The price is $2795 USD. This has been sold to David in France – thanks, David!

Vintage McIntosh MC240 stereo amplifier.

My vintage MC240 stereo amplifier is in “showroom” condition. I purchased it from Tom Manley (McIntosh Home Audio) and it was restored by Terry DeWick. The price is $3495 USD. This has been sold to Andrew in the USA – thanks, Andrew!

These are really wonderfully musical vintage McIntosh stereo amplifiers from the Golden Age of Audio, and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I have. I wrote an article for Positive Feedback about them that you can read HERE.

The price is firm and they are good buys. I accept wire transfer for payment. Buyer pays shipping. Once the payment is received in my account I will ship them out. I don’t have the shipping weights for them yet, as I need to box them up, but soon as I do I’ll add the shipping weight.

If you think you might be interested you probably shouldn’t wait too long to decide, as items I put up for sale generally sell pretty quick. Just fair warning.

You can email me HERE if you are interested.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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  7 Responses to “For sale: Vintage McIntosh MC225 (sold) and MC240 (sold)!”

  1. Hi Jeff what are your plans for the future or just staying with Leben

    • Hi Dimitris,

      Me selling my vintage McIntosh MC225 and MC240 is unrelated to my use of Leben equipment in my A5 system, rather the Mac’s were not getting much use lately so I thought I’d sell them so someone else could enjoy their vintage charms, rather than just letting them sit idle in my amplifier collection.

      Kind regards,


  2. So I have to ask the question. What is your preferred amp with your Tannoy system now?

    • Hi Paul,

      Overall, the amp that was the best match to my Westminster’s (so far) was the ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue Amplifier that I reviewed for Positive Feedback HERE. Amazing amp. I would have bought it if I could have afforded it, but it was out of my league price-wise.

      The First Watt SIT-3 is certainly one of the best sounding amps I’ve ever heard on the Westminster’s, better sounding than the ASR I think, but it doesn’t have quite enough power for the broad spectrum of music I enjoy listening to on the West’s, so it’s not a long term solution for the West’s. Love it to death though! It is definitely a match made in heaven for my Altec’s, and you’ll be hearing more about that pairing in the coming months.

      My mainstay amps for the Westminster’s are my restored and hot-rodded vintage McIntosh MC30’s, which are really, really good, and unless I suddenly come by a big pile of money they’ll remain my preferred amps for the Westminster’s.

      What I would really like to try is one of Nelson’s more powererful amplifiers, as I think – like the ASR – the extra power would make for a brilliant match to them. I don’t know if I’ll get that opportunity though, but I hope so.

      I don’t know if Nelson’s announced it yet, but he is going to be offering some more powerful kit amps based on the Sony SIT’s that blew me away so completely when I heard them in the amps driving Chad Kassem’s system a few years back at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I’m definitely interested in checking those out too should the opportunity arrive!



  3. I have some Omega Audio speakers that are rated at 97db and have used a First Watt J2 and a SIT2 amp with them but my “final ” resting place seems to be a Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear amp that puts out 20 watts and is designed by David Berning. Combined with their new preamp this gives the best sound I have experienced in my home. I would be interested in your opinion should you ever get a chance to audition one.

  4. Hi Jeff.
    I just this post. Congrats on the quick sell! What are the chances you hooked the 832A Coronas up to the McIntosh 225 at the 8ohm terminals, which would deliver ~12 watts to the Altecs?

    I’ve finally admitted to myself that, as glorious as the 2A3 sound is, my 846As just need more than a 2A3 can deliver to drive the big 416-Z bass drivers. My first inclination is to go with a 300B with 16ohm taps, but I also happen to know where a sad, lonely, and very pristine 225 is living, just down the road a bit 🙂

    • Hi Grant,

      I don’t think I ever got around to trying my MC225 with my 832A Corona’s. The MC225 worked extremely well with my vintage Altec Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers, however, and I liked the combination a lot.

      I really like certain aspects of single ended amplifiers, but often they just don’t have enough power to achieve musically realistic SPL levels. Some of the more powerful SETs like the 300B, PX25, 845, etc., are really nice with the Altec’s, however.

      I think you ought to pay that MC225 a visit!

      Kind regards,


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