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It is always such a pleasure to hear from Yazaki-san, he is such a gracious and kind gentleman, and he has more good audio ideas in a day than most of us do in a year!

I have a fascinating multi-part story of serendipity and intrigue to relate to you about Today’s Fresh Catch, the Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real Sound Processor, that Yazaki-san custom built for me to try with my vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers.

Vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers. Photo by LA Jazz Audio.

It turns out that about two years ago, in a parallel audio universe, that Yazaki-san had recommended to Alan-san a pair of vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers as being a good match for the vintage Marantz Model 7 preamplifier and PX25A SET amplifier that Yazaki-san had modified, and built, respectively, for Alan-san.

Unaware of Yazaki-san’s recommendation of a pair of vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers to Alan-san a couple of years ago, in a moment of serendipity I also bought a pair of vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers from LA Jazz Audio, purveyors of fine vintage audio equipment, back in February of 2018.

I absolutely adore my vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers, they’re extremely musical, have cabinets that were beautifully crafted for Altec by fine furniture builders Glenn of California, and while still being large loudspeakers they handily fit into room corners so they are very unobtrusive where space is at a premium.

My vintage Altec Corona loudspeakers’ components compliment are the 803A bass drivers (1947-1958), 802D compression drivers (1957-1972), 811B HF horns, and N800E crossovers, which puts their production circa 1957-1958, so they are about the same age as me at 60 years old, but unlike me they are in mint condition!

Yazaki-san’s vintage Marantz 7k preamplifier.

Yazaki-san modified Alan-san’s vintage Marantz Model 7 according to the modifications Yazaki-san detailed in his seven-part series of articles about modifying his beloved Marantz Model 7, My Adventure With My Old Model 7 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7). Is it a coincidence that Yazaki-san’s article about the Marantz Model 7 has 7 parts? I think not!

DA30 SET monaural amplifier.

Yazaki-san also built a beautiful PX25A (DA30) SET stereo amplifier for Alan-san, just like the one he uses in his home system (a mono example of Yazaki-san’s stereo PX25A is shown above), providing Alan-san a home hifi system that is very similar in nature to what Yazaki-san uses at home.

As a final touch Yazaki-san built Alan-san some custom impedance compensators (i.e. Real Sound Processors) for his vintage Altec Coronas, which Alan-san reported as being very complimentary.

Care package from Yazaki-san!

I received a care package yesterday from Yazaki-san containing some wonderful goodies! The first being some excellent Japanese green tea to relax with while listening to music, and Yazaki-san’s custom RSP-AZ9EX’s for my vintage Altec 832A Corona’s!

Custom Spec Real Sound Processors by Yazaki-san for the vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers.

Yazaki-san also sent me a wonderful treasure he found in his literature collection, a booklet titled, “Altec Lansing, Speaker Units & Enclosure Drawings”.

Altec Lansing Speaker Units & Enclosure Drawings

Yazaki-san told me, “I don’t remember well, but I got the booklet at the audio fair in Japan around the end of 70’s or early 80’s. It was published by the distributor of Altec products at that time, named “Electori”, which survives until now!’

The Altec 852A Corona is the 8 Ohm version of the 16 Ohm Altec 832A Corona’s I have.

Inside this wondrous booklet are the cabinet drawings of Altec drivers, horns, and loudspeakers, including the Corona’s – what a treasure!

Cabinet drawings of the Altec Corona loudspeakers.

Here’s some close-ups for you to enjoy …

I’ll have much more to tell you about Yazaki-san’s design considerations of the custom Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real Sound Processors for my Vintage Altec 832A Corona’s, as well as listening impressions when I get them installed on the Corona’s!

Many thanks to Yazaki-san for such a wonderful care package – you’re the best!

Just for the fun of it, let me conclude with a photo and email message from Yazaki-san!

Dear Jeff-san,
Nattawut-san, my young friend in Thailand, sent me this photo with Hiraga-san and Kritapas-san. It must be a great night for them in Paris with Hiraga-san!
Best regards,
Shirokazu Yazaki

I’ll have much more to say on this adventure with Yazaki-san’s custom Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real Sound Processors for my Vintage Altec 832A Corona’s, and until then, thanks for stopping by and may the tone be with you!

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  8 Responses to “Today’s Fresh Catch: Custom Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real Sound Processors for the Vintage Altec 832A Corona by Yazaki-san!”

  1. WooHoo, sweet package Jeff-San…enjoy!!

    Very Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I really enjoyed seeing the photo with Hiraga-San.


    • I was happy to see the photo from Yazaki-san too, Pete, and it is good to see Hiraga-san looking so good and having some fun!



    • Dear Pete-san,

      I owe Mr. Jean Hiraga so much!! Because that he had managed to start the import business
      of vintage tube at Kobe / Japan in early 70’s, especially introduced us vintage Made in England
      tubes. And so even at today, we can find out such a very rare and superior vintage tubes in Japan.

      Thank you so much, Hiraga-san with respect.

      Best regards, Shirokazu Yazaki From Tokyo.

      • Dear Yazaki-san,

        I too owe Hiraga-san much, as his Altec crossover design has really benefited me with my Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers, not to mention friends A7’s (and mine eventually too I hope!).

        Kind regards,


  3. Hello Jeff!
    It’s nice to read your fascinating pages, especially if there is information about Yazaki-san here.
    Thank you very much for the information provided!

    Sincerely, Alexander (Ukraine)

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