Jun 132018

Ron has a way of finding nice vintage audio treasures, and as a very talented tube tech Ron enjoys the process of freshening them up so they can be heard in all their glory.

Ron brought along his latest project for the listening session with the First Watt SIT-3, the very interesting vintage Fisher SA-100 stereo power amplifier that he just finished freshening up with some new caps and such.

The Fisher SA-100 stereo power amplifier.

Ron knows I have a fondness for small EL84 based amplifiers, and has a knack for finding really nice examples of them, like the Fisher SA-100.

The Fisher SA-100 is a 25 watt per channel, 5AR4 tube rectified, 7189 power tube, stereo amplifier, as you can see in the tube complement diagram for the Fisher SA-100 above.

The 7189 is a ruggedized version of the EL84, with the main difference being that it is rated to operate in the 400 volt range instead of the EL84’s 300 volt range.

Ron really likes the Fisher SA-100 stereo amplifier, and knowing his good taste as a musician and audio enthusiast, I’m really looking forward to hearing it!

Fisher SA-100 stereo amplifier.

Stay tuned for some listening impressions of this beautiful little vintage Fisher SA-100!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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