Jun 062018

After discussing this topic in a couple comments with capacitor guru Daryl Stahler, I wanted to follow up with a proper post to give this exciting news more visibility in case you didn’t read it in the comments.

A quad of vintage Sprague Bumblebee capacitors, with an Arizona Capacitor for scale.

To reiterate what I said in my comment: I want to let you know some more interesting background on what Daryl is talking about with his hint about Bumblebee capacitors in his comment (you might remember Daryl as being one of the principal designers at Arizona Capacitors).

Daryl is no longer with AZ Cap’s and is on to further capacitor adventures, of which I can only tell you a little about at the moment (more coming when Daryl gives me the ok).

To quote Daryl, “I can tell you where to get the reversed engineered Bumblebee’s – Fender! I personally reversed engineered their current offerings from the vintage parts. I worked with their engineering group to produce the line they now have. They are produced using the same dielectrics, impregnants, and construction as the originals. I get nothing from this, as Fender is a Arizona Capacitor customer, but just wanted to let you know as an FYI.”

I find it very exciting to hear that the famous and historically important Bumblebee capacitor is available again!

That sound you hear is cheers all around the world from musicians and vintage audio nuts at this news!

Daryl has some other exciting capacitor news to share when he is able to disclose the details, and when that time comes I’ll interview Daryl and tell you all about it – stay tuned!

Thanks to Daryl for checking in and sharing the news!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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  4 Responses to “Breaking news! Bumblebee capacitors ride again – hooray!”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Do we know what name Fender is giving to its replacement for the Bumble Bee?


  2. That’s great news. Please let us know how will be distributing/selling these new caps. A google search came up with nothing. Excellent blog entries a usual, keep up the great work Jeff!

    • Hi Nestor,

      I requested more info on where the nuevo-Bumblebee’s can be bought, what the model numbers are, their official name, etc., but I have heard nothing.

      As soon as I hear more information about their info and availability I’ll be sure to post it.

      Kind regards,


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