May 092018

I just wanted to alert you to the review at Humble Homemade HiFi of the new Duelund CAST tinned-copper 100V capacitors that are optimized for loudspeaker crossovers.

A little teaser from what Tony said, “With the Duelund CAST Cu-Sn all types of music flow, become more involving, to such an extent that I was forgetting that I was testing capacitors – I haven’t had that experience for years.”

You can read Tony’s full review HERE (scroll down the page a bit).

Tony’s report makes me more excited than ever to build up some Hiraga-style Altec A7 crossovers using the new Duelund CAST Sn-Cu 100V capacitors!

Prototype 0.22uF Duelund CAST Sn-Cu capacitor.

Note that the Duelund CAST Sn-CU 100V caps are not quite the same as the prototype 0.22uF / 400V intended for use in preamps & amps and such that I’ve written about earlier (which I thought rewrote the book on capacitor performance in my vintage Mac electronics), as they’re optimized for use in loudspeaker crossovers.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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  12 Responses to “Duelund CAST Tinned-Copper 100V Capacitor Review at Humble Homemade HiFi!”

  1. Really looking forward with some interest to your Hiraga A7 crossover exploits My A7-500s were missing the XOs when I acquired them, since then have experimented with various XO configurations, some good, some not so good.

    • I’ll be looking forward to reporting on the performance of the Duelund CAST tinned-copper components for my A7’s, Gustavo.

      The same crossover with a little different setting of the HF circuit L-pads works well with A5’s too, so with a little luck I’ll be able to report on both of those outcomes, but the focus will be on optimizing them for the A7’s.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jeff,

    This is exactly what Duelund Custom Cu-Sn bypass to Duelund RS did in my WJ Altec crossover!

    I have a question about your experience with Hiraga vs WJ crossover in VOT A5.
    As I know Hiraga does serious equalization to 288 compression driver in A5.
    On other hand WJ doesn’t do any equalization.
    I think in my Altec 604E WJ works very good because HF driver doesn’t need equalization.
    What do you think about A7 and 902 compression driver. Does it have the same upper mid frequency issue like 288 compression driver has? Did you try WJ crossover with your A7?

    Why I ask it. Because WJ crossover is very simple. It has at least not bad auto-transformers and inductors.
    It is not expensive. It is much chipper for capacitors tweaking compared to Hiraga.
    And if it works well with speakers like Altec A7, Valencia, model 19, … it can be good low budget solution for many Altec enthusiasts like us.


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Did you try to use Duelund Cu-Sn bypass for bypassing powers supply capacitors in electronic (amplifiers, preamplifiers, phonostages)?


  4. Hi Jeff,

    Is it possible to contact Tony if I have a question about capacitors?


    • Hi Alex,

      I don’t know Tony, so I can’t help you with that one. Maybe there’s an email link on his website?

      Kind regards,


  5. Hi Jeff, do you know where I can buy some? partsconnexion only seem to have the high voltage versions…

    – richard

    • Hi Richard,

      The Duelund CAST Sn-Cu 100V versions haven’t been released for sale yet. I don’t know what the timeline for that is, but as soon as I hear from Frederik they’re available to buy I’ll let everyone know through a blog post.

      Kind regards,


      • Thanks Jeff, that makes sense! … although i confess it is little frustrating to have a review of the product that is not actually available!

        • Hi Richard,

          It takes a little while for Duelund to gear up for production (all hand made) and receive adequate materials from their materials suppliers.

          They should be available before too much longer from Parts Connextion.

          You could always send Frederik an email and place an early order in, which would pretty much place you at the front of the queue.

          Kind regards,


  6. Hi,

    They have been available for some time to order. Parts Connexion will gladly order them from us.

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