Feb 042018

I went a bit wild today and decided to rearrange all my bedroom furniture so I could set up the new-to-me vintage Altec Corona loudspeakers as my bedroom system.

The speakers look small in the photo above because of the size of the room, but they’re really 3.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so they’re sizable, and they weigh in at over 100 pounds each.

That’s my 350 pound cast iron sleigh bed photo bombing the pic above, and is it ever a bugger to move!

The Corona’s are intended to be used in corners, and they really responded to being put in the corners with a huge dose of musicality – I like them a lot!

For a source I’m using my iMac feeding an mhdt Paradisea+ USB DAC, with one of Mark Coles’ fantastic power cords providing juice to the Paradisea+.

I’m using Duelund DCA16GA interconnects between the Paradisea+ and my wonderful little Almarro EL84 integrated amplifier, and Duelund DCA16GA speaker cables to connect the Almarro to the Corona’s.

While the Almarro sounds great stock, I’ve been wanting to do a capacitor- and resistor-ectomy on the little Almarro.

I think that with some NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resisters and some Duelund tinned-copper caps (if they’ll fit) the little Almarro would be stunning.

The big vintage Altec 832A Corona’s in my bedroom system have surpassed all my expectations, and I can’t wait to hear them with some good Hiraga-style crossovers and some Duelund DCA internal wiring!

Ok, now it’s time for me to get busy and finish putting the bedroom back together, while listening to Seattle’s Jazz24 station streaming some awesome jazz while I work!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and as I’ve come to find out, the tone is out there! 😉

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  12 Responses to “Vintage Altec 832A Corona’s as a bedroom system!”

  1. Beautiful speakers! Are they actual corner horns, like Klipschorns? I thought they are simply triangular shaped conventional (vented) enclosures for the woofers, but I tried to Google it unsuccessfully. Either way, enjoy!

    • Hi Pete,

      The Corona’s don’t have a true LF horn like the Klipschorn’s. The Corona’s have an 811B HF horn up top mounted with an 802D compression driver, and the triangular cabinets house 803A LF drivers.

      The cabinet itself isn’t a horn, so it would probably be more proper to refer to them as “corner speakers” than “corner horns”, but They’re designed to sit in the room corners, and they work well that way. They also work well free-standing, so they’re flexible that way.

      Lot’s of fun!

      Kind regards,


  2. I thought they would sound great in the corners, there is just something about how a speaker designed for the corner can load the room when placed there.


    • Hi Jack,

      It’s impressive how they load the room with music when placed in the corners. It gives the “wall of sound” effect that just fills up the room.

      Fun! 🙂

      Kind regards,


  3. Hey Jeff,

    You’ve got to really love the Coronas! As you mentioned, they also sound very good sitting out into the room. I will be rewiring mine with some nice, sourced from our friend, NOS WE 16a cabling. I’m a fan and running the WE cabling from the headshell through the kindly Yazaki-san Marantz Model 7 Cactus machine into a pair of sublime WE310a/PX25 mono amplifiers with the signal continuing to flow into the ALTEC Coronas…alive, magical, and Real Sound. I’m also getting a wonderful augmented lower floor foundation out of some friendly JBL B460 18” subwoofers.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and congratulations with your retirement!

    Happy Listening,

    • Hi Alan,

      Wow – that’s a wonderful system you’ve put together, I’ll bet it sounds fantastic!

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciated! 🙂


  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the very kind words! I must humbly thank you for the kind introduction to the friendly and generous kindred spirit Yazaki-san. Wishing you the best of times…

    Very Best Wishes,

  5. Very nice looking speakers Jeff. I got no money now but down the road I may be interested in something like these. Only problem is would one speaker out in the room and one in a corner be bad? Be the only possible solution for my living area unless I just stick to the smaller speakers. Those speaker are much bigger than they look those are bigger than a vintage 68 Marshall 4×12 half cab like Hendrix used! Dang it doesn’t’ look it.



    • Thanks for the kind words, Bill. 🙂 They are quite a bit bigger than they look. They’re wider than my Westminster’s, but not quite as tall. I found them to be very room friendly so I think that might work just fine.

      Kind regards,


  6. Hi Jeff, thank you so much for featuring these in your blog again! I’m working hard to make enough deals as quickly as possible so that I can buy a pair of these! I’ll have a couple of pair of speakers for sale very soon to try and supplement the purchase.
    Again,thanks! Bill

    • I think you’ll really enjoy the Corona’s, Bill, they are a terrific loudspeaker. I really like that I can put them in room corners and still get excellent fidelity, leaving the rest of the room open for living.

      Let me know how you like them when you get them!

      Kind regards,


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