Oct 292017

It sure was nice to have my nephew Chris and his daughter Chloe come to visit us this weekend!

My nephew Chris and his daughter Chloe visiting Jeff’s Place!

Chris and Chloe came all the way from Washington, D.C. to visit Washington State, and had some fun adventures in Seattle, Vancouver, B.C., and visiting Grandma Jaine and Uncle Jeff here at Jeff’s Place.

Grandma Jaine was thrilled with her new purse!

Chris checking out Ken Kessler’s history of McIntosh book. Chris has been into vacuum tubes since he was a kid, collecting vintage radios.

We took Grandma Jaine out for a nice lunch and some shopping. Grandma Jaine was excited about the new purse she found on sale, and she was really thrilled to visit with Chris and Chloe!

We had music playing, and Grandma was up dancing to Tony Bennett, walker and all!

We also had some Nirvana playing for a little vintage Washington State music vibe!

My great-niece, Chloe, with one of my vintage Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers.

The photo above is from Chris and Chloe’s previous visit, with Chloe standing next the vintage Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers.

We decided we would do a photo of Chloe with the jumbo speakers here at Jeff’s Place each visit to chart her growth – Chloe sure has grown up since the last visit!

It sure was nice to visit with Chris and Chloe, and to have four generations of Day’s all together at once!

Thanks for coming to visit, Chris and Chloe, it was great to see you and catch up with you!

Uncle Jeff wishing you the best!

From our family to yours, may your favorite music be playing and the happiness flowing like a river!

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  6 Responses to “Chris and Chloe visit Grandma Jaine and Uncle Jeff!”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    As always I was reading and enjoying your post to the end, suddenly my eyes caught your tshirt since today is the independence day of Turkey, thank you for your kind message through that, I remember that you enjoyed your visit Istanbul years ago, Your warm feelings are appreciated and We will comntinue to follow Ataturks way of democracy till the last one standing, if you come to istanbul again you are very wellome to listen to best music in town through Tannoy Kensingtons and Line Magnetic LM219ia SET all the best Erdal

    • Hi Erdal,

      Thank you for your great comment, and let me wish you a Happy Independence Day!

      I really enjoyed traveling in Turkey, meeting the wonderful people in the different regions, learning about the impressive history, and experiencing the rich and welcoming culture first hand.

      Turkey is a wonderful country that holds many fond memories for me, and I was very impressed learning about President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and how much his visionary leadership means to the Turkish people.

      If I’m able to come to Turkey again I would be delighted to listen to music with you!

      Kind regards,


  2. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (“Father of the Turks”) is one of my favorite Heroes and one of the greatest men in World History. Others include George Washington, Garibaldi and Jose Rezal.

  3. Up till now I didn’t realize how large those speakers are

  4. Hi Jeff
    Like you I am a massive Tannoy fan having had the GRF Memory TW for years then I purchased a new set of Canterbury SE they
    were built on my wife’s birthday 20/05/2010. The Westminsters were too large for my room. I have tried most amps of differing topology and one of the reasons I am getting in touch is to let you know about my amp it is a single ended triode integrated amp
    using two 211 tubes it is amazing, it is made by Transcription Audio I’m sure it would make your Westminsters sing the only problem is it weighs 50+ kilos. My CD player is MBL C31, I used to have a Linn Sondek, Ittok arm and a Koetso Black bur I am disabled in my hands so kept damaging my records. Kind regards Alan Cash.

    • Hi Alan,

      I’ve always liked 211 & 845 based amps, they have a nice sweet and musical presentation of the music. I had the Cary 845C monos way back when, and they were a l of fun.

      Kind regards,


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