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It’s always fun to hear about Yazaki-san’s adventures, and this time Yazaki-san has shared his adventure of visiting Kritapas-san in Bangkok, Thailand!


Dear Jeff-san,

I would like to introduce you Kritapas-san.

You can see Kritapas-san’s graceful and warm heart from his shining smile at one glance. He is a banker, traditional Thailand bank’s responsible member but also the president of Sentimental Cafe.

Kritapas-san’s home!

I first met Kritapas-san in Tokyo, on May 22nd with Nattawat-san. I had already met Nattawat-san in our office when meeting with him about becoming a dealer for Arizona Capacitors in April, as part of his vintage tube amplifier restoration business with Tanawat-san that they had just started.

Tanawat-san, Kritapas-san, Wasu-san, and Kris-san.

You can see our meeting in our Spec Corp. office here. Our second meeting, that included Kritapas-san, was held at my house. Yes, we enjoyed our favorite vocal of Julie London at that moment!

These meetings were the start of our relationships, but Natawut-san first knew me from Jeff’s Place. I was simply blessed by this wondrous endowment, I believe, and now Sentimental Cafe in the center district of Bangkok is a very comfortable place for me to visit.

Kritapas-san and Yazaki-san in the Autograph’s room.

Kritapas-san has two fabulous systems, one I’ll call the Autograph’s room, and the other I’ll call the Westminster Royal’s room.

The Westminster Royal’s room.

Kritapas-san enjoys listening to stereo LP in the Autograph’s room, and mono LP in the Westminster Royal’s room.

I was so surprised by the sound of the Autograph’s. There was not any unnatural fatness in the low range, and we enjoyed such a well-matured and tight voice.

The Autograph’s are driven by a 2A3 SET amplifier from Audio-Senka in Japan, and of course, Kritapas-san selected the 2A3 triode.

The CD player’s output is directly connected to 2A3 SET. I have long loved my DA30 SET, and I was imagining what the result would be if my DA30 was driving Kritapas-san’s this Autograph’s.

JBL 2-way loudspeakers.

Kritapas-san also has JBL-2 way speakers, driven by a JBL 400SE and and an original Marntz Model 7.

Marantz Model 7 preamplifier.

The sound was full and rich in the mid-range, and also energetic, but not harsh. Of course, Nattawat-san fully restored the Autograph’s networks, and also another amplifier.

Anyway, I’m convinced the early age JBL semiconductor amplifier has huge potential for reproducing the sound with musicality.

You can see Nattawut-san’s work here.

The Westminster Royal’s room is used only for listening to mono vintage LPs, and the amplifier, just
installed, is in original condition and has not been modified. The cartridge is the Denon 102 with a
special step-up transformer by Tanawat-san.

The sound was full and rich and it fit very well for old time recordings. At Kritapas-san place, I found an original Julie London LP and and had a rare chance to hear it. Thank you very much, Kritapas-san!

Kris-san, Kritapas-san, Tanawat-san, and Wasu-san.

I had a wonderful time with you all!

Best regards,

Shirokazu Yazaki


Many thanks to Yazaki-san and Kritapas-san for sharing their hifi and music adventures with us!

It looks like you had a fun time, and it was wonderful seeing and hearing about your hifi systems, Kritapas-san! You are definitely a hifi adventurer after my own heart!

It’s great to meet other kindred hifi and music spirits!

To Yazaki-san, Kritapas-san, Kris-san, Nattawat-san, Tanawat-san, and Wasu-san, and all those at the Sentimental Cafe, all the best to you, and may the tone be with you!

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  3 Responses to “A Yazaki-san Adventure: Yazaki-san visits Kritapas-san!”

  1. Nice post and systems. Looks like I see Beldon speaker cable. Not sure on the RCA Interconnects your using I’d be curious to know. I am in the cable experimental faze right now. Particularly between preamp and amp.



    • I believe Yazaki-san is still using the Belden 8402 interconnects, with the ground connected at the source end only.

      Not sure about Kritapas-san’s IC’s.



  2. I guess those are some kind of acoustic treatments behind the speakers?

    Anyone know who made these? They look different so I assume there is something unusual about how they operate.

    My curiosity got the best of me.

    Those who have not gone to the subject of the article’s website should take a look.

    I am still dazzled and moved by the pictures from the Japanese tour of extraordinary systems.

    it is so gratifying to know there is such a group of people as the Japanese audiophile. Excuse the gushing but as I said about Mr. Yazaki there are many more of them that are “gifts from heaven”.

    The interplay and constructive competition between these truest practitioners of the audio art, both small manufacturers and individuals, (which I find the most inspiring) is something I wish we could have here. It could be the proximity effect? Many of these fellows are much closer to each other physically than most of us, they, I assume, get to hear what others are doing much more easily and can learn that much quicker what might work for their system.

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