Sep 222017

Yazaki-san has been out on another adventure to the Sentimental Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, and has shared some photos of his visit!

Sentimental Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since Yazaki-san’s visit to the Sentimental Cafe last October, they have become a Spec Corporation dealer, and today, September 22nd, they hosted an open house so visitors could experience Yazaki-san’s beautiful Spec audio electronics for themselves.

Spec open house!

Yazaki-san told me everyone had a wonderful time visiting and listening to music! Looks fun!

Kritapas-san, President of Sentimental Cafe.

By the way, that’s a very fine Western Electric replica 16 A horn you see in the photos.

The Western Electric 16A horn is part of a 4-way speaker system, of which Yazaki-san said, “I enjoyed the sound of this 4-way system. Nattawoot-san’s effort, skill, and his excellent hearing sense brought out the best fo this well-balanced music system.”

Notice the Western Electric WE16GA in the background.

More Western Electric WE16GA wire!

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Notice Yazaki-san’s beautiful SPEC turntable!

Closeup of Spec turntable and Ikeda tonearm.

Many thanks to the very kind group of music lovers and audio enthusiast at the Sentimental Cafe for their encouraging words towards me and my humble blog!

Wasu-san (left), Nattawat-san (right)

You made my day! Thank you! 🙂

From left to right: Prisna-san, the Editor of “Audiophile” magazine, Yazaki-san, and Tanawat-san.

The Sentimental Cafe looks like such a wonderful place to visit!

If you’re in Bangkok be sure to drop in and have some coffee at the Sentimental Cafe, listen to a little music on a great music system, and enjoy the good conversation!

Sentimental Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand.

The old bald guy with the beard you see sitting at the corner table enjoying the music while sipping a cappuccino, might be me making a surprise visit, so be sure to say “Hi!”.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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  22 Responses to “Yazaki-san checking in from the Sentimental Cafe!”

  1. WOW ! Looks like I have a new system to dream about. Nice to hear from Yazaki-San.

    • Howdy Ron!

      Great to hear from you!

      We have definitely got to get together for a little music listening and wine tasting in the near future, it’s been way to long!



    • Dear Ron-san,

      Also for me, so nice to hear you !!
      On our event, all of us fully enjoyed old jazz with our turntable+ IKEDA long tone-arm+ Kritapas-san’s
      old SPU-G, Nattawoot-san’s step up transformer and modified Model 7 by also Nattawoot-san.
      But I adviced him to try one more idea for improving the sound of PHONO EQ and actually it brought out
      richer tone and greater sound stage, I felt.
      I would like to tell the way, Part 7.

      Best regards, Shirokazu Yazaki from Bangkok

  2. Great to see another LK-72B in the wild; and in this cool little place, to boot!

    Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

    ~ Mark

    • The Sentimental Cafe is definitely my kind of place, and I do wish they were closer to me than 7,600 miles!

      If the Sentimental Cafe was just down the street it’d definitely be a daily stop for me! 🙂



  3. I would love to hear that horn sing!

  4. Very nice thanks for posting. Looks like I see a Scott receiver? If so I heard one not to long ago in my system it was the most purest most transparent thing I ever heard. Always good to hear from Yasaki-san.



    • Bill ~

      I’ve got one sitting in front of me as I type. Although it’s not my primary integrated (that’s a Line Magnetic 218ia), it truly is a wonderful device. I use a Sutherland PhD for phono amplification (301 / 3009 S2 / DL-103R), but I tell you what: the Scott’s phono section is just so “sweet”. I outfitted the thing with all period-correct tubes (Westinghouse power / Telefunken pre/splitter / Mullard rectifier) and it’s just, well, as Steven Stone of The Antique Collector says:

      “If some manufacturers’ products, for example the Conrad Johnson Premier 2, can be described by reviewers as ‘caramel colored’, the Scott integrated amplifiers could best be described as ‘fudge colored’. The upper frequencies are hooded, while the midrange and upper bass predominate. This creates an overall balance that is very sweet, and very dark. Inner detail is buried under gobs of euphonic darkness, the edge of transient attacks are melted like a marshmallow plopped into hot chocolate.”

      You gotta love it. 🙂

      Enjoy the music!

      ~ Mark

      • Mark,

        Thats a great description. I agree Its a special amp. Good phono and line stage.I like Fischer too but the Scott is to cool for the size. The little guy packs a wallop.



  5. Real Sound on seroids…super!!

    Kind Regards,

  6. …maybe even, “steroids :)!!”

    • Hello Alan-san,

      Yes, I feel just the same type of passion or some kind of hearing sense
      in the passion of Sentimental Cafe’s members despite living in a foreign country.

      Of course, I have felt it in you so long time. But for me, how would be the blessing !!
      I have been so encouraged with experiencing such facts.

      Warmest regards, Shirokazu Yazaki from Jakarta

  7. Dear Jeff,

    Yesterday, I joined this event and very impressive REAL SOUND from the Spec GMP-8000EX turntable connected to Marantz 7 phono stage section and feed signal to Spec RSA-G1 integrated amplifier and end up with Tannoy Kensington speakers. Sound very smooth, neutral, life like and full of details. There’re no fatigue even long time listening. Most importantly it’s really a great honor for me to have this opportunity for an interview Yazaki-san. He very kind to me. That’s why I should’ve go for Spec product in the future. 555

    Sincerely yours,


    • Hi Prisna,

      It sounds like you had a wonderful time with Yazaki-san. Yazaki-san’s Spec GMP-8000EX turntable is a beauty, and I was very impressed with it when I saw/heard it in Denver a couple of years ago.

      All the best,


  8. Hello Yazaki-San, Hello Jeff,
    What fun! I am going to make it a point to visit Sentimental Cafe in Bangkok soon. I wish We could have a group trip of Jeff’s blog members to celebrate Yazaki-san Spec and the young Thai engineers. It would be a hoot, better than most audio shows. Best, mikirob

    • Hi Mikirob,

      Be sure to report on your adventure to the Sentimental Cafe in Bangkok, sounds like a fun time!

      Kind regards,


  9. Hello Robert-san,

    So happy to hear from you !!
    Are you using your modified Coincident Dynamo 34SE amplifier ?
    How would be the condition now ?

    Resently, Vuk-san, a Jeff’s Place reader asked me to make some advices
    for improving the sound of his system and I found that he also uses Coincident
    Dynamo 34SE for power amplifier that I tranfered him the way of modification, just
    in your case. If you have any suggestion about it, please let him know.
    Thank you in advance!!

    Best regards, Shirokazu Yazaki From Jakarta

  10. Dear Yazaki-San,
    The sound of the Coincident Dynamo continues to be fantastic, your upgrade suggestions absolutely strengthened the power supply (thank you so much for the NOS Mallory). In this amp the Arizona green capacitors, as well as Brown Devil resistors made a quantum leap in “Real Sound”. I am so happy!! Also, all your rectifier tube suggestions work the best of any other rectiers I have tried. Soon, I will likely try Sophia Electric Rectifier and EL34s Jeff-san recently wrote about. Currently, my speakers are primarily the DeVore 0/96. Miki sends her best wishes to you. Best, mikirob

    • Dear Robert-san,

      Thank you so much for your comment and also Miki-san’s message.
      I already inform Vuk-san your experiences and he must be encouraged
      for the modification.

      Best regards, Shirokazu Yazaki

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