Sep 222017

I got a nice surprise package from Frederik Carøe at Duelund Coherent Audio this week, some beautiful little Duelund 0.01 uF tinned-copper bypass capacitors!

Duelund 0.01 uF tinned-copper bypass capacitors.

As you can see from the photos, the Duelund bypass capacitors are made in that same ultra-quality fashion as the other Duelund capacitors.

0.01 uF Duelund tinned-copper bypass capacitors.

So you could get an idea of their relative size, below you can see a 0.01 uF cap sitting next to the 0.22 uF cap, which are the same capacitors as I’m using in my vintage McIntosh MX110Z preamplifier.

These Duelund tinned-copper capacitors have blown away every single capacitor in a lengthy list that I have tried in my MX110Z.

The Duelund 0.22 uF tinned-copper capacitors are simply so much better both musically and sonically than anything else I’ve heard that I consider them to be “next level” compared to anything in my experience. They aren’t just a little bit better, for me it has been a step-change!

Duelund 0.01 uF Sn-Cu capacitor sitting next to Duelund 0.22 uF Sn-Cu capacitor.

The 0.01 uF Duelund tinned-copper bypass capacitor is the same as the 0.01 uF Duelund silver foil capacitors, the only difference being they use a tinned-copper foil instead of a silver foil.

These are really beautiful little capacitors and I’m already thinking about ideas for potential applications!

I don’t know the exact pricing yet, but the 0.01 uF Duelund silver bypass capacitors sell for $93.45 at Parts Connexion, so the new 0.01 uF Duelund tinned-copper bypass caps should sell for somewhat less than that.

This should be fun – more to come!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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