Dec 102010

It is always gratifying for me to see products I have high regard for get recognized by others, and in this case it is the superb Leben CS-300XS integrated amplifier and the CS-660P power amplifier designed by the gifted Mr. Taku Hyodo, the founder of Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company, which have received awards from the Polish High Fidelity magazine that has awarded them Best Products status in their Integrated Amp and Power Amp categories, respectively.

For those who are keeping score, the CS-300XS was also a winner of a Gold Medal for 2010 from the prestigious French magazine Diapason.

As a side note, I was contacted earlier this week by a US Hi-Fi industry importer who told me how much he loved the Leben products, and has purchased nearly all of them for his own personal use. He doesn’t have any connection to the importing or sales of Leben in the USA, he just enjoys their exceptional musical performance and quality, just like yours truly, and as such wishes to remain anonymous, but I thought that was really cool for him to share that with me!

Congratulations to  Mr. ‘Leben’ Taku Hyodo and to Leben exporter Mr. Yoshi Hontani for yet another round of awards for the splendid Leben products! I’d say it’s safe to conclude that word is getting out about how terrific these Leben products are!

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  7 Responses to “Leben CS300X & CS660P Win High Fidelity Awards!”

  1. In reading a recent 6moons review on a Harbeth, I hit the link to the Leben 300 Custom. I do not speak or read Polish, but did notice the VH Audio couping caps. Nice touch. Love to hear that amp. Is it possible to find out what else was done to the standard 300 to elevate it to Custom status?

  2. Has anyone else considered changing out the coupling caps in their Lebens with the V-Cap CuTF to see if it really makes a big difference in sound quality?

  3. More a question than comment: I am told my Leben 300xs is not suitable to drive Tannoys because it cannot properly control the back EMF of 10 inch plus drivers. Your experience ?

    • I’ve never encountered any issues like this myself, and I doubt it’s true. If you have concerns you might want to contact Tannoy or Leben and ask about it.

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