Jun 122017

I reported originally on Robbie’s Leben CS-600 lid mod a few weeks back, here.

120Pcs M3 Male Female Brass Standoff Spacer PCB Board Hex Screws Nut Assortment

I immediately ordered the “120Pcs M3 Male Female Hex Brass Spacer Standoffs PCB Board Screws Nut Assortment” from eBay seller huanshop2015 ($4.99 USD), and it arrived today, so I thought I’d give Robbie’s Leben lid mod a try.

The new Sophia Electric EL34-ST vacuum tubes.

The stock Leben lid works just fine for shorter tubes, but if you want to experiment with taller tubes like the new Sophia Electric EL34-ST vacuum tubes that I have in for review, then you have to go topless.

Sophia Electric EL34-ST tubes peeking out over the top of the Leben CS-600.

Fortunately, Robbie came up with a terrific inexpensive fix in the form of the PCB board standoffs!

I picked the tallest of the standoffs, as they gave me enough height to clear the Sophia Electric EL34-ST tubes that are in for review, and then tried screwing one into one of the holes that the lid screws mount in, and it fit perfectly!

Spacer in the Leben CS-600 right rear mounting point.

I then installed standoffs in all 6 of the Leben CS-600 lid mounting points, and tightened them down finger tight.

6 spacers in place in the lid mounting points.

Then I set the Leben’s lid on top of the risers … note the risers peeking out of the lid mounting holes …

Lid in place awaiting to be screwed down.

Lid resting on the risers waiting to be screwed down.

Then I used the stock Leben screws, and inserted them into the risers to secure the lid (be sure to only go finger tight!).

Then is used the stock Leben lid screws to secure the lid to the standoffs.

All done!


Front view …

Another front view …

Top view …

Side view …

It only took a minute or two to do the mod, it actually took me a lot longer to write the post than it did to do the lid mod!

Listening as darkness approaches …

Many thanks to Robbie for sharing his Leben CS-600 lid mod idea with us – thank you, Robbie!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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  15 Responses to “I Just Did Robbie’s Leben CS-600 Lid Mod!”

  1. Cool! Stock chassis, stock, lid, stock screws… and easily reversible. Excellent mod! And now you can rock those new tubes. I’d love to see a nice shot the tube glow! 😉

  2. Very clean looking.

  3. I put some Shuguang Treasure series KT88’s in the Leben (on Robbie’s recommendation) and also did the lid modification. As Jeff says, works perfectly, looks good and such a simple solution. Just a note on the Shuguang’s – make sure you get the Treasure series (black bottle) quad matched pair. Truly amazing sound – detailed with enough warmth, but can really rock when needed. Excellent imaging and crisp mid range. Hard to see how the Sofia Electric EL34’s can beat them. Challenge to Jeff? 🙂

    • Hi Philip,

      I’ve never been a big fan of the KT88 sound in general, and not really caring for the Gold Lion KT88’s I tried in my CS-600. Perhaps the Shuguang Treasure series KT88 is a different beast though, with its gold grid wires and black glass bottle.



      • Yes a very different beast indeed. I’ve had vintage Mullard EL34’s in other amplifiers and also Shuguang Treasures in the same ones – Shuguang won out every time. In the Leben they do sound very very good. However I may try the Sofia’s soon and give you a breif comparison in the Leben.

  4. Thanks for trying out the mod Jeff! Certainly some height on those el34’s, the lid still seem stable that high? Hopefully this might help other Leben lovers that need a bit of protection and big tubes.

    • No problem on lid stability, Robbie, but I did use all six mounting points. It looks a bit spindly that high up, but does protect the tubes nice.

      Thanks for your tip on the Leben lid mod, Robbie, it works great!

      Kind regards,


      • Yeah doesn’t look so great that high, looks much more sleek and stock like lower covering not so tall tubes like KT88/6550. Still it is an option though.

  5. Hi Jeff

    I am using Tannoy Kensington GR and Micro Seiki turntable, driven by Devialet 440 pro. I have been attracted by all your comments on Leben,here and I am very tempted to try. Do you think it is a good idea if I use my Devialet as a phono preamp, and connect it to either a CS600 or 660? Anyone tried something similar so far?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Ron,

      I’m not familiar with the Devialet 440 Pro, so I can’t be of much help on that question. Sorry about that.

      On the Leben CS600, I think you’re probably not going to have enough power for the Kensington GR, unless you like to listen only at very soft levels.



  6. Una pregunta Jeff en mi leben la rectificadora es una silvania e comprado una (rca) esta válvula aporta algo al sonido.

    • Hola Francisco,

      No creo que haya una mejor opción de tubo de vacío para el Leben, solo es cuestión de elegir el tipo que mejor funciona en el contexto de sus gustos y equipos asociados.

      He probado bastantes de los NOS 6CS7 a lo largo de los años en mi CS600 y aún no he encontrado uno realmente malo. Afortunadamente, son relativamente económicos a alrededor de $ 4 USD cada uno. ¡El RCA es una excelente elección de tubo!

      ¡Diviértete escuchando!

      Saludos cordiales,


  7. Este es el mejor foro de todos muy bien dirigido Enhorabuena a todos.

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