May 262017

A care package of Duelund DCA12GA tinned-copper tone wire arrived from Frederik today! Woo hoo!

I’ve really been looking forward to giving the new Duelund DCA12GA a listen after reading all of your positive comments about it!

A care package from Frederik containing Duelund DCA12GA tinned-copper has arrived at Jeff’s Place!


As a reminder from the breaking news post announcing the new DCA12GA, it uses 65 strands of 0.25mm tinned-copper wires versus the 26 strands of 0.25mm tinned-copper strands used in the DCA16GA, and it uses the exact same oil-soaked and baked cotton dielectric.

Left to right: DCA20GA, DCA16GA, and DCA12GA.

In the photo above you can see the  DCA20GA, DCA16GA, and DCA12GA, left to right. While you can tell that the DCA12GA is much bigger than the DCA16GA, it’s hard to appreciate how much bigger it is until you hold it in your hand – it is one substantial wire!

Duelund DCA12GA awaiting some test runs!

The new DCA12GA is one heavy duty wire!

Parts ConneXion will have exclusive distribution of the DCA12GA for the first few months after its release.

Parts ConneXion is offering the DCA12GA at a special introductory pricing of $16.99/meter, which after the exclusivity period will go to  $19.50/meter. The MSRP Retail List Price of the DCA12GA is $22.95/meter.

I’ll be reporting back on my initial listening impressions in the near future, with more detailed impressions over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


As always, thanks for stopping by, and may the tone be with you!

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  10 Responses to “Today’s Fresh Catch: The Duelund DCA12GA Tinned-Copper Tone Wire!”

  1. Hi Jeff, How would the 12ga Dueland wire work as a power cable? I have purchased tthe 20ga for interconnects, the 16ga for speaker wire, and have to say I really like them. I’m a Shindo, Don Garber Fi, Tonian labs and Altec user, and the wires match well, just need some power cords now. Cheers and thanks for your postings!

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your kind words, appreciated!

      Because of the Duelund method of construction that optimizes signal transmission (by omitting an inner plastic sheath on the wire), Frederik has told me that the DCA wire is intended to be used only for signal cabling, but not for AC power cord use, for safety reasons.



  2. Although I have found the Duelund 16 to be quite good with high efficiency speakers (Cain & Cain Abbys) my Quad 57s are not happy with it….muted, somewhat murky sound.
    Any input on the Duelund 12 with lower efficiency speakers?

    • Hi Bill,

      I’m just now trying the DCA12GA on my 99dB/W/m Westminster’s, and eventually I’ll be giving it a try on my 86dB/W/m Harbeth Super HLF loudspeakers, but that’s still a ways off.



  3. here we go again; Jeff; will be watching for your impressions

  4. Ohh boy. Was about to order the Duelund 16 for my SHL5s. Now saw this and wonder if I should order the 12 instead. Can you at least say “yay” or “nay” for buying the 12 instead 16? 🙂

    • Hi Dodo,

      I’ve been using the DCA16GA as speaker cables on my Super HL5’s with excellent results, but I haven’t yet tried the DCA12GA on them.

      I’ve got a pretty long audio to-do list at the moment, so I don’t know how quick I’ll get to that particular experiment, but as Yazaki-san likes to say, “Please wait for it!”

      Kind regards,


      • Thank you for the quick reply. Bigger/newer/thicker doesn’t usually mean better. I know this because I like my SHL5 better than the Plus. I am leaning towards the 16. It is almost half the price of the 12 too.

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