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I’ve got some more information for you on the upcoming Duelund DCA12GA tinned-copper tone-wire!

The DCA12GA raw tinned-copper wire.

In the photo above you can see the raw tinned-copper wire used in the DCA12GA tinned-copper tone-wire.

The new DCA12GA will use 65 strands of 0.25mm tinned-copper wires versus the 26 strands of 0.25mm tinned-copper strands used in the DCA16GA.

The first kilometer of DCA12GA being pulled through the oil impregnation equipment.

Frederik told me that the DCA12GA uses the exact same oil-soaked and baked cotton dielectric (above).

The new DCA12GA is so heavy Frederik had to have new equipment constructed to perform the oil-soaking step!

Above is a short movie of DCA12GA being fed into the oil-impregnator.

Frederik says he plans to have the new DCA12GA wire finished by next week, and then it will be shipping to Parts ConneXion.

Parts ConneXion will have exclusive distribution of the DCA12GA for the first 3-4 months after its release.

Chris at Parts ConneXion told me he hopes to have the DCA12GA in stock by Friday, April 21st, so they can start filling orders the last week of April.

You can pre-order now, here, and Parts ConneXion will offer the DCA12GA at a special introductory pricing of $16.99/meter, which after the exclusivity period will go to  $19.50/meter. The MSRP Retail List Price of the DCA12GA is $22.95/meter.

I’ll let you know more information as I receive it!


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  23 Responses to “Breaking News: Duelund DCA12GA Tinned-Copper Tone-Wire Coming Soon!”

  1. Thanks for these updates… Looking forward to trying out this cable.

  2. I preordered some DCA12GA for trying in place of my DCA16GA speaker cables between amps and Analysis Audio Epsilon.

  3. 25m of DCA 12GA came in today. I whipped up a quick pair of bi-wire cables to go between my Pass XA30.8 amp and Selah Tempestra Extreme speakers (~86db efficiency). They will obviously have to break in for a while before I can evaluate them, but they already sound as good as the much more expensive speaker cables they replaced. Thank you Jeff!

    • Hi Todd,

      Keep me posted on your impressions of the DCA12GA, you are the first person I know of who has listened to it!

      It’ll be a while before I get some and can give it a listen, so appreciate any insights you can share!

      Kind regards,


      • I’ve been running them in for a couple days. Curiously, I haven’t really noticed too much of a break-in change during this period. My initial impressions are that the sound is “Rubinesque” in nature. Nice sold mid bass, gorgeous vocals and very very listenable for long periods of time. The soundstage is very wide and deep, as good as speaker wire 10 times its price. The high frequencies are a bit rolled off, resulting in a loss of some detail, but making it much more easily listenable. Getting really hot in my music room these days and will probably be turning off my Class A amp and running some Class D amps to keep the heat down. I have a hunch that these will be a good match with the Class D amps.

        • Hi Todd,

          It’ll be a while before I’ll get a chance to give them a listen, so I appreciate you sharing your impressions.

          Let me know what you think after you get some more time on them!

          Kind regards,


  4. Have them for a few days now in replacement of the 16GA. They are not burn in yet but I can say they are the same sound family, (a nice family I have to say).
    I was worried a little as I could not imagine these cables better than the glorious 16s.
    All the same but better on my Analysis Audio Epsilon. Better bass, more snappy, sweet treble (sweeter ?), a lot of density.
    Larger sound stage more details.
    Very well balanced and that’s good for long listening sessions. The “you are there ” effect is not subtle.
    I already love them.

    • Hello ,
      one of my speakers are ,also, the Analysis Audio Omega….( with Tube Pre & Amplifiers ).
      Here and few months , I use the Duelund DCA 16GA ,as speakers cable ( more than 130hours )…..
      with Excellent results !! Great Larger Soundstage,Deeper solid bass,Sweeter mid & treble ,Better resolution , Excellent details
      Real Live Presantation …etc Very satisfied….All as Jeff described !!
      Please send us your opinion about the Duelund 16ga & 20ga as IC’s……I would like to order /use the Duelund DCA20GA

    • …I forgot ….
      also send us more about the Duelund 12GA…
      thanks again

  5. “Previously on Epsilons”…
    Had the 16. The 12 seems to go one step higher to musical heaven. Heaven, I mean heaven… la la la la la la.
    The 20 for. Interconnects are simply more musical than the 16, for me in my system etc.
    When I think of all the cables I bought in my audiophile life and the money spent, I’m sick. When I think of all the cables I did want but can’t buy, because I had not enough money I’m happy. For me it means rhe end of an endless frustration
    These Duelund cables changed the game.

    • Hi ,
      can you explain more about the 16ga vs 12ga as speakers cable?? with Analysis audio Epsilon?
      and you prefer the 20ga a lot more than 16ga DUELUND ? tube pre & amplifier ??

    • That’s just how I feel too, Drigas, the Duelund DCA wire has been a tremendously liberating musical experience by being both musical, sonically excellent, and affordable!

  6. All,

    I ordered enough 16 GA for bi-wire my speakers. While I did not order the 12 GA, but I can double up the 16 GA to compare with single run. Now the bulk wire is on my cable cooker about 75 hours now, and 325 more hours to go. I will report back.


  7. Hi Jeff. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, thanks for them. I have Living Voice iviOBX-RW speakers that are biwired with outboard crossovers, which are 94 dB sensitivity and a flat 6 ohm impedance. They are biwired with 10′ cables and I use 18″ jumpers to connect the crossovers to the speakers. I want to give the Duelund tinned copper cable a try as it sounds like an excellent match to both the speakers and my preferences. Any thoughts on the guages to use? 12 awg to the mid/bass dirvers and 16 to the tweeter? Or maybe 16 awg and 20? If I am reading correctly it sounds as though the lighter cables might have better tone. Any houghts you have would be helpful. Thanks, Brian.

    • Hi Brian,

      I haven’t tried the DCA12GA yet, so I can’t comment on that gauge, but I’m getting great results with a bi-wire pair of speaker cables using DCA20GA for the HF connection, and DCA16GA for the LF connection.

      I’m not sure I would say that the smaller gauge DCA20GA cables have better tone, as both the DCA20GA & DCA16GA have great tone, but the smaller gauge is less vivid & colorful, and a bit more laid back, which depending on the application, can allow me to dial in the musical presentation the way I like it.

      The smaller DCA20GA is a great match for the HF circuit of my Westminster’s, for example, but like most things, it depends on the application for which one you’ll like the best.

      The nice thing is that they are so inexpensive that you can try both to see which one you like the best for a particular application.

      Kind regards,


  8. Hi Jeff,
    I am looking at using some of the duelund and probably the 12GA, do you think it matters the size of cable used for speaker cables, as I have a meridian g57 into neat ultimatum mf7 speakers which require plenty of power. currently im using van damme 6mm hifi cables.
    your help would be appreciated


    • Hi Jonathan,

      I do think it matters which cable you use for speaker cable, depending on your needs.

      What I’ve found in my own systems (mostly two-ways), is that optimizing the speaker wire used for each driver makes a big difference in overall musical & sonic performance.

      For example, right now on my WRSE’s I’m using the Duelund DCA16GA tinned copper wire for the low-frequencies, and Duelund DCA20GA for the high-frequencies, and I like the result a lot.

      On Friday a shipment of the new DCA12GA is arriving from Frederik, so I’ll look forward to giving that a try, so I should have more to say about it before too long.

      Kind regards,


  9. Hi Jeff. In the end I wired my Living Voice OBX-RWs with DCA 12GA with a single run from amp to speaker, then I used the 12 GA as jumpers for both the high and low frequency drivers. After this settles in I’m going to bi-wire by adding the DCA 16GA to the outboard crossovers and from cross over to high frequency driver. But for now, using only the 12GA, I think the results are terrific, particularly the tone and timbre of instruments and voices. I cannot say that I am hearing any weak elements in relation to the very expensive loaner cables I had been using. Thanks for pointing all of us in this direction. I will report when I add in the bi-wire with 16GA. Cheers, Brian.

    • Hi Brian,

      I’m really liking what I’m hearing from using the same sort of arrangement of DCA12GA with my WRSE’s as you are, a single run of of DCA12GA as speaker cables connecting to my LF crossover connection, and jumpers of DCA12GA to the HF crossover connections.

      I just built a pair of DCA12GA IC’s and they sound very rich, musical, and warm in that application. At the moment the bass is a bit much, but who knows, maybe that’ll settle down as they run-in more.

      Keep me posted!



  10. I note the mention of using jumper links across the speaker terminals, have you also tried it as per your other report Jeff with the wire through both terminals instead if this would be better or the same?
    how is the dca12ga so far?
    I have made a pair of interconnects from the dca20ga and I ended up selling my nordost red dawn as I thought they were a much better match.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Using one wire through both terminals is a better approach. I don’t know why but it didn’t dawn on me to do it for the trial with the DCA20GA!

      The DCA12GA is great so far, and I’ll have a lot more to say about it in the near future – please wait for it!

      The DCA20GA interconnects are amazing, and according to the feedback I’m getting, are winning lots of fans around the world.

      Kudos to Frederik at Duelund for such a great idea as to reintroduce tinned-copper wire, its got great tone in spades!

      Kind regards,


  11. hi Jeff,
    How have the trials gone with the DCA12GA?


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