Jan 212017

My review of the Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Supply Conditioner is now live at Positive Feedback!

Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Conditioner

Many thanks to Messrs. Hontani and Mr. Ken Ishiguro for making the Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Conditioner available to me to experience and write about.

You can read the full review here.

Update: In the USA the Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power conditioner is available from The Lotus Group, the authorized US Importer, for $2250.

As always, thanks for reading my articles, and may the tone be with you and the music make you happy!

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  5 Responses to “Acoustic Revive RPC-1 Power Supply Conditioner Review Now Live at Positive Feedback!”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Most interesting device and a great review. I have been using a device for about five years which may be similar to this new product. The Marigo Audio Lab Apparition 2 parallel line conditioner and distribution system have been in my system since about 2012 with unmatchable results until now. Believe it or not, the RPC-1 sells for about half the price of the Apparition without the Marigo distribution box. We should compare the devices some time.

  2. Hi Jeff

    Interesting product. Thanks for reviewing it. Have still not got around to getting the AR Schuman Resonator. And now this product comes along. I know this is nearly three times more expensive. But if I were to start with one and budget was not really an issue, which would you recommend?

    • Hi Premnath,

      Their principle of operation and the effect they have on the listening experience are completely different.

      If cost is no object then I would recommend two RR-888 for your main system, combined with an RPC-1 for the AC outlet that you plug your components into. That’s what I’m doing.

      If the purchases need to be phased, then I recommend starting with one RR-888, then after you experience it, adding the second.

      Then finally add the RPC-1.



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