Feb 162014
Siedy Checking in from the Netherlands ... and Germany! Siedy Struck Gold!

I always enjoy hearing from Siedy in the Netherlands, he’s definitely a kindred spirit and always makes me smile! Like me, Siedy is a big fan of the Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers and the amazing ASR Audiosysteme Emitter II Exclusive amplifiers handcrafted in Germany by Friedrich Schaefer.  In fact, it was Siedy who first put me in touch with Friedrich, which resulted in me writing about the ASR Audiosysteme Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue four-chassis […]

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Feb 082014
Breaking News: Duelund Silver CAST Transformers for Tannoys Are Almost Ready!

I have a breaking news report to share with you: I just got an email from Frederik Carøe in Denmark and he has some very special and exciting news for Tannoy enthusiasts! Frederik is building the first set of Duelund CAST Silver Transformers for Tannoy crossovers right now and they are almost ready! (That’s the Duelund Silver CAST 6.8uF capacitors above because I don’t have any Silver CAST Transformer photos yet). The first pair of Duelund CAST Silver Transformers will go to Tannoy […]

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Feb 022014
Duelund Silver CAST Caps, NOS RCA Black Plate 6L6GCs, New Vinyl, Vintage Vinyl, and Other Stuff

Last Sunday George, Leo, Ron, and myself had a blast listening to music, drinking some fine wines, and munching down on pizza. I mentioned how impressed we were with Ron’s pristine vintage H.H. Scott stereomaster integrated vacuum tube amplifier on the big Tannoy Westminster Royal SEs … …  but something I hadn’t mentioned, and wanted to follow up on, was why the Westminster Royal SEs with their Duelund external crossovers were sounding so preternaturally good last […]

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Jan 222014
Frank Rodgers Checking In: Track Audio Isolation Feet for the Duelund-WRSE

Frank Rodgers, fellow Tannoy Westminster Royal SE enthusiast like yours truly, and with Duelund external crossovers too (!) just sent me a message to tell me about his latest discovery: Track Audio Isolation Feet. I haven’t tried them myself yet, but given that Frank has particularly good taste in audio, I thought it was important to tell you about his discovery so you could try them for yourself if you so desired. Here’s the story […]

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Jan 202014
Jim Smith Checking In: The Duelund-Canterbury Crossover Project

Jim Smith just checked in and told me he’s now finished with building and installing the Duelund external crossovers for his Tannoy Canterbury loudspeakers. Jim told me his “Canterburys are singing like never before.” Below is a photo of Jim’s audio system just before installing the Duelund external crossovers. Man, this is so awesome, Jim! Here’s what the stock low-frequency crossover board in the Tannoy Canterbury looks like: Here’s what the stock Tannoy Canterbury high-frequency […]

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Jan 192014
Today's Fresh Catch: The Soundcoat Company

A while back I made a post about The Soundcoat Company who has been providing specialized noise control solutions for aerospace, medical, and industrial applications since 1963. Steven Klein at Sounds of Silence had told me about how effective their GPDS damping sheets were when he applied the .070 GPDS vibration damping material to strategic locations within the chassis and external power supply of the New Valve Order SPA II phono equalizer. (In the photo below you can see the New […]

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Jan 052014
Winter, Duelund, and Vintage Crown Jewels!

It’s officially Winter in North America, with snow and cold temperatures the norm, particularly in the Northeast! Fellow Duelund-WRSE Project adventurer, Frank, just sent me a couple of chilly looking photos. The first is the view from Frank’s listening room (below) … … and the second is looking out from his loft over the fishing shacks on the frozen water (below). Brrr! It is beautiful with all of that snow, but it sure seems like […]

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Dec 282013
2013 in Review, Secret Insights, and a Look Behind the Veil of 2014!

The end of 2013 is arriving rapidly and 2014 will be on us in no time! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2013’s notable moments and to take a look behind the veil of 2014 to see what might be waiting. First up are those treasures that I wrote about for Positive Feedback Online in 2013: Positive Feedback Online Award Winner – ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue Amplifier […]

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The Duelund-Westminster External Crossover Project: Part 5 – Listening and Conclusions!

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Dec 252013
The Duelund-Westminster External Crossover Project: Part 5 – Listening and Conclusions!

It’s Christmas morning here in the Americas. I’ve got a fire burning in the fireplace, a hot cup of good coffee in my hand, and I’ve got Northwest Public Radio playing a lot of really great Christmas themed material today through my vintage McIntosh MX110Z’s vacuum tube tuner. Heaven. At the moment NPR is playing an interview with 86 year-old guitarist Harold Bradley, one of the most recorded guitarists in the history of recording. The interview […]

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