Apr 252014
The Week in Review and a Look Ahead!

It has been a busy couple of months here at Jeff’s Place, with lots going on across multiple fronts. On the hi-fi front it has been non-stop excitement with the Duelund CAST components from Frederik Carøe in Denmark as Part 2 of the Duelund-Westminster Royal SE External Crossover Project kicks into high gear! Duelund-WRSE external crossovers with Duelund CAST components from input to output are a wondrous experience, and I have been marveling at the performance improvement […]

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Apr 192014
Duelund CAST Silver Autotransformers for Tannoy Prestige Loudspeakers

In my last post I described the new Duelund CAST Copper & Silver Autotransformers designed by Frederik Carøe to replace the stock Tannoy autotransformer. The same model of Tannoy autotransformer is used in all Tannoy loudspeaker crossovers where an autotransformer is used, and like all of the parts choices in the stock Tannoy crossovers, they were chosen to a price point that would provide good performance without breaking the production pricing bank. After completing the Duelund-WRSE external crossover […]

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Apr 152014
More About the Duelund CAST Autotransformers for Tannoys

The new Duelund CAST Autotransformers that Frederik Carøe developed are truly a watershed product for Tannoy aficionados around the world.  As you have no doubt read here in these pages, we aforementioned Tannoy aficionados have been eagerly awaiting the appearance of a high-quality autotransformer solution to replace the stock Tannoy autotransformer with, particularly those of us who have built the Duelund CAST external crossovers, which raises the performance of Tannoy Prestige loudspeakers to astonishing heights that have been […]

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Apr 122014
Today's Fresh Catch: Duelund CAST Copper & Silver Autotransformers - Updated

Today’s Fresh Catch are the Duelund CAST Copper & Silver Autotransformers for the Duelund-WRSE Project that all of you have been waiting for more information about. I am very happy to report that today a pair each of Duelund CAST copper and silver autotransformers have arrived from Frederik Carøe in Denmark – thank you Frederik! I was so excited to see them I snapped a photo of them still in their shipping wrappings! Below is a […]

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Mar 252014
David King Checking In From England: Get Better Sound from Westminster Royals

I got a nice email from David King, telling me about some of his experiments in setting up his Westminster Royal loudspeakers (below), which I thought would be valuable reading to all of you here at Jeff’s Place:   “Since I was last in touch I have been doing a whole series of experiments based around Jim Smith’s book Get Better Sound which I thought may be of interest. I know that this is not […]

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Mar 242014
The Duelund CAST Silver Autotransformer!

Those of you who have been reading about the Duelund-WRSE external crossover project know that pretty much everyone has wanted to use silver wound autotransformers in their Tannoy crossovers to provide the treble energy control (see below), including Paul Mills at Tannoy, Jignesh, Pambos, Frank, and of course, me. The autotransformer in the Tannoy crossover allows the treble energy level of the tweeter to be adjusted over a range of -3 dB to +3 dB by selecting […]

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Mar 172014
Checking In: Sophia Electric 91-03 Review Online, Sunday Afternoon at Jeff's Place

Hello everybody! I’ve been missing in action for a while now, with it being a month to the day since my last post. Thanks to those of you who dropped me a note to check up on me to make sure I was ok – appreciated! It has been a rough go for a while now, as my normally invincible elderly parents both have gone through a tough time health-wise since November, and were in […]

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Feb 162014
Siedy Checking in from the Netherlands ... and Germany! Siedy Struck Gold!

I always enjoy hearing from Siedy in the Netherlands, he’s definitely a kindred spirit and always makes me smile! Like me, Siedy is a big fan of the Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers and the amazing ASR Audiosysteme Emitter II Exclusive amplifiers handcrafted in Germany by Friedrich Schaefer.  In fact, it was Siedy who first put me in touch with Friedrich, which resulted in me writing about the ASR Audiosysteme Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue four-chassis […]

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Feb 082014
Breaking News: Duelund Silver CAST Transformers for Tannoys Are Almost Ready!

I have a breaking news report to share with you: I just got an email from Frederik Carøe in Denmark and he has some very special and exciting news for Tannoy enthusiasts! Frederik is building the first set of Duelund CAST Silver Transformers for Tannoy crossovers right now and they are almost ready! (That’s the Duelund Silver CAST 6.8uF capacitors above because I don’t have any Silver CAST Transformer photos yet). The first pair of Duelund CAST Silver Transformers will go to Tannoy […]

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Feb 022014
Duelund Silver CAST Caps, NOS RCA Black Plate 6L6GCs, New Vinyl, Vintage Vinyl, and Other Stuff

Last Sunday George, Leo, Ron, and myself had a blast listening to music, drinking some fine wines, and munching down on pizza. I mentioned how impressed we were with Ron’s pristine vintage H.H. Scott stereomaster integrated vacuum tube amplifier on the big Tannoy Westminster Royal SEs … …  but something I hadn’t mentioned, and wanted to follow up on, was why the Westminster Royal SEs with their Duelund external crossovers were sounding so preternaturally good last […]

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