Dec 132014
Frank Rodgers Checking In: State of the Duelund-WRSE System Report

It’s always a treat to hear from Frank, and Frank’s system is looking awesome! Hi Jeff,  The Tannoy/Duelund story has been quiet so I thought it was time to bring you my new and perhaps final musical experience resting place. A few weeks ago you reported on “Howard Checking in from the U.K.” about his Tannoy/Duelund “Sound is Sublime,” I can echo Howard and your Duelund Silver Autotransformer musical observations and joyous experience. Which brings me […]

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Oct 052014
Howard Checking in from the UK: Duelund Silver WRSE Internal High-Frequency Crossover

Howard sent me a quick email and photo of the superb internal Duelund high-frequency crossover he developed for his Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers. Jeff, I have been following your articles on the Duelund mods to your Westminster Royals over last 6 months. Really excellent work – congratulations. I have carried out – maybe – the final mod to my Royals (I attached a photo of the mod). It shows the last section of the treble circuit […]

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Aug 032014
Fanfare for the Common Man: The RS Line of Duelund Capacitors

I just heard about the recently released line of Duelund RS capacitors, which I had totally missed because I was so engrossed in writing the Duelund-WRSE Project Part 2 article for Positive Feedback Online. I’ll try  to find out more about the recently released line of Duelund RS  capacitors from Frederik (a future interview perhaps?), but in the meantime check out this great capacitor comparison article at Humble Homemade HiFi in the Netherlands. Humble Homemade HiFi […]

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Jul 182014
The Duelund-WRSE Project, Part 2: Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers – Listening Impressions

Here’s my listening impressions for the Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers. I hope you enjoy it! Listening Impressions The Stock Westminster Royal SE Loudspeakers Let me repeat myself a little, with excerpts from the Part 1 article of the Duelund-WRSE Project, to put everything in context for the Part 2 changes to the high-frequency crossover: “… let’s take a little trip back in time to when I first wrote about the […]

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Jul 032014
The Duelund-WRSE Project, Part 2: Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers - Introduction

I just completed the second Duelund-WRSE Project article and sent it to Editors Dave & David at Positive Feedback Online. I ended up at 42 pages of Word text and 69 photographs by the time I finished it. I have to say I’m pretty excited about the article, and I really hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. In time the full article will also appear here at Jeff’s […]

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Jun 202014
Today's Fresh Catch: Custom McIntosh Audio Cabinets (and a short Duelund Update)

Hi Everyone! Like usual, I’ve had way too many things going on at once so it has been hard for me to get some new posts up for you. One of the things I’ve been wanting to tell you about is some custom McIntosh audio cabinets that I have run across that I think look really sharp with vintage (or new) Mac gear made by Matt & Dan. I thought the cabinets shown on their web […]

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Jun 082014
David King Checking In: 4-Point Support for Tannoy Westminster Royals

It’s always a pleasure to hear from fellow enthusiasts, and David King always has some great things to share with us about getting the most performance out of Tannoy Westminster Royals. In David’s latest message he tells us about his result experimenting with 4-point support for the big West’s:  Enjoy!   Tannoy Westminster Royal HE – 4 Point Support System By David King For several years I have had concerns regarding the support system of the […]

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Jun 072014
Deep Into Duelund - Updated With Listening Notes

I’ve really been enjoying the charms of all things Duelund, and I am hard at work writing Part 2 of the Duelund-WRSE Project  for Positive Feedback Online right now. The focus of Part 2 of the Duelund-WRSE Project are the 6.8uF Silver Duelund CAST Capacitors for the C1 position of the crossover (shown above), and the long-awaited Duelund CAST Autotransformers in both Silver (above and below) & Copper that Frederik Carøe developed especially for The […]

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May 092014
Sunday Afternoon at Jeff's Place

I had my friends Leo, George, Ron, Stephaen (6Moons), my girlfriend Rosalie, and Santos, over for a listening session last Sunday afternoon. First we listened to some interesting grounding loops from Mark Coles (Sablon Audio) that can be used on speaker cables, interconnects, and the Duelund-WRSE connections. Mark says the grounding loops are basically short loops of very fine gauge litz wire, and act as some sort of ‘trap’ for noise on the signal ground plane. You […]

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