May 262018
First Impressions of the new Soundsmith Zephyr Mk III phonograph cartridge on the CTC Classic 301 turntable!

As I’ve reported earlier, I found the Soundsmith Zephyr Mk II phono cartridge (above) to be a match made in heaven musically & sonically in my vintage Altec A5-based system, so I’ve been very eager to hear what the new Zephyr Mk III can do on my CTC Classic 301 turntable in my Westminster-based system (details HERE). If you’ve […]

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May 192018
First impressions of the Soundsmith MMP3 Mk II Phono Preamp with the new Soundsmith Carmen Mk II phonograph cartridge!

I really like having a couple of different hifi systems to try components in, as each different system and room combination gives somewhat different results, which helps to provide additional insights to a component’s musical & sonic performance across different contexts. Take, for example, my first impressions of the Soundsmith MMP3 Mk II phono preamp […]

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May 162018
An awesome vintage system for ~$10K USD! now + postscript

An old high-school buddy that I reconnected with recently, Mark, asked me for a recommendation for a HiFi system for $10K or under. Mark is actually the person who introduced me to enthusiast audio way back when we were in high-school together, but he’s been out of enthusiast audio for quite a long while. As […]

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May 112018
Audio & music ramblings ... and other stuff!

I’m into my fifth month of retirement from the day job now. My internal clock is still mostly geared to the hours that I worked, up at 4:30AM, arriving at the lab at 6AM, and getting home by 4PM. I’m sleeping in later and staying up later every day, but not by much. Even though […]

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May 092018
Duelund CAST Tinned-Copper 100V Capacitor Review at Humble Homemade HiFi!

I just wanted to alert you to the review at Humble Homemade HiFi of the new Duelund CAST tinned-copper 100V capacitors that are optimized for loudspeaker crossovers. A little teaser from what Tony said, “With the Duelund CAST Cu-Sn all types of music flow, become more involving, to such an extent that I was forgetting […]

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Apr 222018
A Guest Article from Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki: “My Adventure With My Old Marantz Model 7” Part 7.

I am delighted to be able to share with you Part 7 of Yazaki-san’s adventure with his vintage Marantz Model 7K preamplifier! I always enjoy reading what Yazaki-san has written, and I always learn a lot from his many insights. I would like to say a very special “Thank you!” to Yazaki-san for taking time […]

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