Feb 222015
Happy 90th Birthday, Mom!

Happy 90th Birthday, Mom! We (Dad, Mom, and me) had a terrific 90th birthday celebration for Mom yesterday here at Jeff’s Place. For dinner I played chef and cooked mesquite grilled filet mignon, Beurre Monté lobster tails, baked potatoes with trimmings, carrots, and champagne to drink. Birthday cake and Portland’s Stumptown fresh roasted coffee for dessert. (Stumptown is my new favorite coffee, wonderful coffee!) Afterwards we opened presents, chatted, and reminisced about old (and current) times. […]

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Feb 222015
Review Sneak Peek: The SPEC RSA-M3 EX 'Real Sound Amplifier'

I’ve been listening to the SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier and the SPEC RSP-901 EX Real Sound Processors for a while now, and I’ve been impressed with what I’m hearing. I’m writing up my final listening impressions right now. Below is an excerpt from the first draft of my upcoming feature review of the SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier and the SPEC RSP-901 EX Real Sound Processors at Positive Feedback Online. I hope you enjoy reading this little sneak peek, as I’ve […]

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Feb 212015
Siedy Checking In From The Netherlands: Chaos!

It’s always a pleasure to hear from Siedy in the Netherlands. If you’ve been following along the conversations here at Jeff’s Place you’ll recognize Siedy as the gentleman responsible for me becoming aware of the powerful and musical ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue amplifier that was developed by Mr.Friedrich Schaefer in Germany. Siedy used the ASR ‘Blue’ on his Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers and has really enjoyed the musical combination they provided. I too […]

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Feb 132015
Update on the Garrard Project 2015: It's almost ready!

Christopher Thornton at Artisan Fidelity has just finished fitting all the components to the plinth he created for the Garrard Project 2015, and sent me some photos of it to drool over – it’s a beauty! (you can click on each of the photos for a larger view) That’s Christopher’s Macassar Ebony plinth with Stillpoints Ultra isolation feet, the Classic 301 with a brass platter, mounted with two of Thomas Schick’s tonearms, one for mono with an […]

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Feb 132015
Today's Fresh Catch: The SPEC RSP-901EX 'Real Sound Processor'

Today’s Fresh Catch is the SPEC RSP-901EX Real Sound Processor. On my way home from the laboratory last night I picked up a parcel from the post office containing the SPEC RSP-901EX Real Sound Processor that is designed  to reduce the fluctuations of a loudspeaker’s impedance over the frequency spectrum, while absorbing the return current from the speaker via a network of inductors. Like I reported with the SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier (which is now in my […]

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Jan 272015
Today's Fresh Catch: The SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier from Japan!

Today’s Fresh Catch is the SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier from Japan – it is a beauty!   I picked up the SPEC RSA-M3 EX Real Sound Amplifier from FedEx on my way home from the laboratory last night, and was immediately impressed upon unpacking it. For one thing, the packaging was absolutely superb, being nicely double boxed, with foam inserts that held it in place in a protective ‘clam shell’ arrangement, with the amplifier being wrapped […]

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Jan 252015
A jazzy Sunday morning at Jeff's Place: Peterson and Ellington

Weekends are when I catch up on Jeff’s Place, do a little hi-fi writing, and get in a little more music listening than I can on weekdays. This Sunday morning it’s a jazz fix of Oscar Peterson and Duke Ellington, along with some fresh coffee and Eggs Benedict for breakfast. (By the way, nearly all of the music discussed at Jeff’s Place is music I’ve purchased, and none of it is provided by record companies for review.) […]

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Jan 192015
'The Vintage McIntosh Experience' is Live at Positive Feedback Online

‘The Vintage McIntosh Experience’ is now live at Positive Feedback Online! You can read it here. In the text below I added a couple of additional comments that didn’t appear in the original article at Positive Feedback Online. I tried to make the additions clearly visible so you don’t have to look too hard for them. The Vintage McIntosh Experience: A Musical Ride With The MX110Z Tuner/Preamplifier and the MC30, MC225, and MC240 Amplifiers By Jeff Day I’ve […]

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Jan 162015
Jeff Checking In: Music, McIntosh, The Garrard Project 2015

It’s been a crazy & busy holiday season for me, but now things are starting to settle down a bit. Yours truly came down with the flu this week, so while nursing myself back to health I’ve had plenty of time to think about all things hi-fi, and wanted to give you a little bit of an update about what’s going on here at Jeff’s Place. Let’s start with the music: I’m a big fan […]

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Dec 192014
Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Awards for 2014!

The complete Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Awards for 2014 just went live a little bit ago here. My contributions to the awards are below. Jeff Day’s Awards for 2014 It is always an exciting time of year when the Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards roll around, because I get to tell you about my favorite audio experiences of 2014. It’s always a tough assignment for me, because ye olde beloved Editors of Positive […]

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