Aug 092017
Jeff checking in ... Duelund DCA, FryBaby2, Sophia Electric, and more!

Using the Hagerman Audio Labs FryBaby2 in voltage-only mode has revealed itself to be a powerful voicing tool for the Duelund DCA line of tinned-copper cables. Every single time I’ve used the FryBaby2 on the Duelund cables it has been a smashing success. In its voltage-only conditioning mode the FB2 has worked wonders on my […]

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Aug 062017
A Sunday afternoon Duelund DCA26GA interconnect adventure at Jeff's Place!

I have been looking forward to getting some Audiosilente cartridge clips I ordered, as I want to build two identical sets of DCA26GA headshell leads with them. That way I can use them in two identical headshells, one mounted with my stock Denon DL-103 phono cartridge (above), and the other with the exotic Audio Musikraft […]

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Aug 062017
Sneak Preview of my upcoming article for Positive Feedback: An Adventure in the Art of Tone with the Duelund Coherent Audio DCA Series of Tinned-Copper Cables, Part 1 - Update - now live at PF!

I’ve been writing my bum off the last few weeks working on a survey article of the Duelund DCA line of tinned-copper cables for Positive Feedback. I’ll be submitting the article to Positive Feedback Editors David and Dave for their consideration sometime today, so you should expect to see it published before too long. Until […]

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Aug 042017
New Great Plains Audio and Gary Fischer Speakers websites!

I’m a huge fan of Altec loudspeakers, and I really love the new websites of Altec aficionados Great Plains Audio and Gary Fischer Speakers, who are now partnering to bring music lovers the best of vintage Altec and modern loudspeakers. As you know, Gary Fischer did the restoration of my Altec A5 Voice of the Theatre […]

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Aug 042017
A little bit of voltage conditioning for my unshielded Duelund DCA20GA interconnects!

It sure is nice to get home from work on a Friday evening, fix a dirty martini with some Tito’s handmade vodka, and put on some music and play some audio games. I just pulled my Duelund DCA20GA interconnects off the FryBaby2 after about 12 hours of voltage-only conditioning, and installed them in the system […]

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Aug 032017
A little bit of voltage conditioning for my unshielded Duelund DCA16GA interconnects!

I thought I’d provide you another update on my voltage-only conditioning results with the Hagerman Audio Labs FryBaby2, this time with a pair of unshielded Duelund DCA16GA interconnects. I put my unshielded DCA16GA interconnects on the FryBaby2 for 24 hours of voltage-only conditioning, and tonight put them in the system for a little listen. I […]

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Aug 012017
A little bit of voltage conditioning for my shielded Duelund DCA20GA interconnects!

I sure do appreciate everyone commenting on their experiences about their audio experiments and observations, it really helps us all learn and progress. Thank you! Take for example Bill’s recent observations that voltage-only conditioning with his Hagerman cable conditioning device really complemented the Duelund DCA tinned-copper cables by making them warmer, richer, and brought out […]

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Jul 302017
Today's Fresh Catch: Hagerman Audio Labs FryBaby2 Compact Burn-In Generator

I was particularly intrigued by Bill’s comment on the post Jim Smith Checking In: “Unexpected results from the Duelund DCA20GA Interconnects”: Jeff, Not really sure where to post this. I think I discovered something with the Duelund Tin wire. If its running thin and sometimes cooking them can do this. But I noticed on two different […]

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Jul 282017
Jeff checking in ...

It sure was nice getting together with Andy, Pete, and Ron, last weekend to listen to music, talk about hifi, and just have a fun ol’ time! I could use a little more musical & audio fellowship in my life! Alas, it’s been particularly busy of late, both on the day job, and in my […]

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