Aug 162015
Vintage Western Electric WE16GA

“Nobody is going to believe what we’re hearing from your Westminsters with this Western Electric internal wiring,” said Ron, “it’s hard to put into words how good it sounds.” Ron and I just spent Sunday morning and a good part of the afternoon rewiring my Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers with vintage Western Electric WE16GA wire from Mr. Yazaki-san of SPEC Corporation fame, who had told us about how remarkable this vintage Western Electric wire was musically, and […]

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Aug 152015
August 15, 1965

It was on August 15, 1965, that my Mom took me to see Louis Armstrong in a parking lot concert at the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon. Exactly 50 years ago today. It made a huge impression on me, and I’ve loved jazz ever since. So today, 50 years later, we celebrated the good times of that 1965 Louis Armstrong concert by getting together for a summer afternoon barbecue, grilling some nice little filet mignon steaks, […]

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Aug 142015
Music on Vinyl - Update

I ordered four albums from Acoustic Sounds to get my vinyl fix for the week: First up was the 45 RPM ORG reissue of Charles Mingus’ Mingus Ah Um that my buddy Leo brought over for me to listen to. After hearing it, I knew it was a must have for my jazz collection. The combination of the Woody SPU tonearm and Ortofon SPU Classic GM MkII phono cartridge provided a rich, smooth, transparent, dynamic, timbrally realistic, […]

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Aug 092015
The Vintage Beat: Klipschorns with Western Electric WE16GA

I spent the last week in Chicago for a work review at Fermilab and Argonne, and since man cannot live on neutrinos alone, one of our gracious hosts – William – put on an awesome Chicago pizza extravaganza for us one night that was a blast! Many thanks to William! It also meant that upon getting home I was in serious need of burning off some of those pizza carbs with some bike rides! After I […]

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Aug 022015
Saturday Afternoon Jazz ... and other stuff

I like to bring my Mom & Dad over to visit on the weekend, fix them a nice dinner, and spend some time catching up. They’ve been through a hard time the last few years, starting with when my Dad took a bad fall at home, ended up in the hospital, then a skilled nursing facility, and finally assisted living. Dad was never able to go home again, and that was rough for both of them, as […]

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Jul 252015
Personal Thoughts About "Real Sound" from Mr. Yazaki-san of SPEC Corporation

If you’ve been following the blog posts here at Jeff’s Place, you know that I asked Mr. Yazaki-san if he would tell us some of his thoughts about “Real Sound”, and I’m very pleased to be able to share with you what he has written. Here’s what Mr. Yazaki-san has written for us about “Real Sound”: Dedicated to my friend, Jeff-san My Personal Thoughts for “Real-Sound” July 20th /2015, Shirokazu Yazaki My thoughts have been clearly coming into focus […]

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Jul 172015
A Friday Afternoon Listening Session With Ron & Leo

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as an impromptu listening session on a Friday afternoon with good friends like Ron and Leo. Ron always brings over a nice French wine, and Leo a very tasty vino from Napa (Ron’s French Bordeaux was a 2009, and Leo’s Napa Cabernet Sauvignon a 2005!). It’s great to have friends with such good taste! I supplied the snacks & hi-fi rig, and we had a blast listening to music! A couple of posts […]

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Jul 172015
Music on Vinyl: Are Test Pressings the 'Hot Stampers' of Reissues?

The guys over at Better Records offer records they call Hot Stampers, which are records that they have selected by ear that they say are much better sounding than the average pressing from any given run, or of the many available versions of a given album. The Better Records guys fan the flames of debate by dissing audiophile style reissues, saying “… the record that will do the best job of communicating the music through its superior sound […]

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Jul 132015
Revisiting an old friend: The 'Vintage' Sony PlayStation 1 SCPH-1001

It seems an eternity ago when I wrote about the Sony PlayStation 1 SCPH-1001 back in 2007 at 6Moons as part of a ‘Music Lovers’ system. Keith Aschenbrenner of  Auditorium 23 fame told me about SCPH-1001, and how it sounded ridiculously good compared to even very expensive DACs and CD players of the time.  I said about it then, “Certainly the most unconventional part of this system has to be the Sony Playstation 1 used as a digital […]

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Jul 062015
'My Gear' Page Added

I added a “My Gear” page so that you could see all of the hi-fi gear that I use as references during the review process. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a master list of reference equipment and accessories that I enjoy and use on an ongoing basis, as the pages that show my two current primary systems (1, 2) can be in a bit of flux due to reviewing and writing articles & […]

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