Jul 042015
Having Fun with Real Sound and Mono!

My friend Leo sent me a message yesterday saying, “I found some Johnny Smith albums, I thought I’d drop them by if you’re around.” What a great guy! My friend Leo knows how much I love those old Johnny Smith albums on the Roost Records label, and when he’s out and about he picks them up for me when he sees them. Many thanks, Leo! The Johnny Smith Quintet album is from the “Jazz at NBC” series (Roost Records […]

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Jul 012015
The British Fineness of Tone: Haltron 5U4G and Mullard ECC83

If you read my Kindred Spirit post, you’ll remember that as Mr. Yazaki-san was discussing the ‘capacitor adventure’ we are doing with my vintage McIntosh MC30 monaural amplifiers, he said: “Well, I think my inspirations also come from confidence in the thought that, Jeff-san’s hearing sense would be very close to mine. I understand Jeff-san loves traditional American music, just as I do, and Jeff-san’s most favorite speaker has been the beloved Tannoy Westminster Royal. On […]

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Jun 302015
The Accidental Mono

You know, I’ve never paid that much attention to whether the vinyl in my collection was mono or stereo, as it really didn’t matter much to me, because in the past I was only listening with a stereo phono cartridge, like my EMT TSD-15 or Denon DL 103. But these days, every time I pull out a record I look at it, and ask myself, “Is this stereo or mono?” Well, it turns out that a lot […]

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Jun 282015
Today's Fresh Catch: Music on Vinyl

I’ve gotten behind on calling out some of the good vinyl I’ve come across lately, so here’s a couple recommendations for your consideration. The first one I’d like to bring to your attention is the mono version of Gil Evans Great Jazz Standards from Pure Pleasure Records. It includes the songs, Davenport Blues, Straight No Chaser, Ballad of the Sad Young Men, Joy Spring,  on side one and Django, Chant of the Weed, and Theme on side two. It’s not quite […]

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Jun 272015
The Vintage Beat: Western Electric WE16GA in the Duelund-WRSE Low-Frequency Crossovers - update with listening impressions.

I have now installed vintage Western Electric WE16GA in the Duelund low-frequency crossovers of my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers to replace the Neotech copper wire I used originally as part of the Duelund-WRSE crossover project. As you know, last week I replaced the Neotech silver wire I was using in the high-frequency section of my Duelund CAST crossovers with the vintage Western Electric WE16GA and it was an immediate improvement. Over the course of […]

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Jun 262015
"You will soon meet a life long kindred spirit."

That’s what the message inside of my fortune cookie said, “You will soon meet a life long kindred spirit.” It’s fun to have a good meal at a Chinese restaurant in America, where there’s a tradition of handing out fortune cookies at the end of a meal, so everyone around the dinner table can read the positive messages within and end the dinner with a smile and a bit of fun. Good times. While messages in fortune cookies […]

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Jun 212015
The 2015 Annual ANVIL Awards Celebration!

It’s always a great evening of fun & games when Stephaen Harrell (6Moons) and Pete Riggle (Pete Riggle Audio Engineering) host the Annual ANVIL Awards celebration, and the fun continued in 2015! In case you’ve never heard of the the ANVIL Award, it’s the ultimate annual audio award for the Audiophile Not Very Intelligent Lately, and is a just for fun audio equivalent of the cherished Ig Nobel Prize in the scientific community. Yes, we take […]

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Jun 202015
An Experiment: Western Electric WE16GA in the Duelund CAST WRSE HF Crossovers - Updated

I got up this morning and fixed a nice double espresso to get the day started, fired up the stereo, and started listening to Gil Evan’s New Bottle Old Wine. In a sudden inspiration, I decided I wanted to try a short length of Western Electric WE16GA in the high-frequency section of the Duelund CAST crossovers of my Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers, so I shut down the stereo and went to work. I had some WE16GA […]

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Jun 192015
Jeff checking in ... Western Electric, Belden 8402, McIntosh, Westminsters and a Woody!

It’s been a fun & interesting time here at Jeff’s Place, with an overwhelmingly positive response from all of you to the posts about the DIY projects of Western Electric WE16GA wire for use as speaker cables, and the Belden 8402 microphone cable for use as interconnects, that Mr. Yazaki-san of SPEC told us about. Thank you Mr. Yazaki-san! The Belden 8402 with Switchcraft SWC-3502AAU RCA connectors ($5.91 USD each) makes for a fine combination, and delivers a […]

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Jun 062015
Today's Fresh Catch: The Woody SPU Tonearm Prototype from Pete Riggle Audio Engineering

As I wrote a little while back in a blog post: “Masterpieces is a mono recording from 1950, so I used the Ortofon SPU mono CG 25 Di MkII cartridge (check out Art Dudley’s just published review of it here), which produced a fantastic musical experience together. As a point of reference, Pete stopped by and listened to the Ortofon mono setup a couple days ago, and followed up with a message to the audio troops saying, […]

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