Jul 142018
First Impressions: The Still Audio EL84 Integrated Amplifier!

I’ve been wanting to write a “First Impressions” update about the Still Audio EL84 integrated amplifier for a while now, but life has been busier than anticipated, so I’m a little behind writing-wise. Many of you know of my affection for EL84 amplifiers, and I’ve been very impressed with the performance of the different ones […]

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Jul 132018
Today's Fresh Catch: The New Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cords, Absolute RCA FM Interconnects, and PC-TripleC/EX Headshell Leads! (Now updated with USD pricing)

Today’s Fresh Catch are the exotic new Acoustic Revive Absolute Power Cords, RCA Absolute FM Interconnects, and PC-TripleC/EX Headshell Leads. I always get excited when new Acoustic Revive products arrive from Mr. Ken Ishiguro (Acoustic Revive) via Mr. Yoshi Hontani (Muson Project, Exporter), as Acoustic Revive products always have an extreme level of quality materials, technical ingenuity, a  […]

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Jul 082018
Sneak Peek: The First Watt SIT-3 Stereo Amplifier Review for Positive Feedback!

I am hard at work writing up my listening impressions for the First Watt SIT-3 stereo power amplifier review for Positive Feedback, which I hope to have completed in the next few weeks or so. Until the review is published, I thought you would enjoy a “sneak peek” into the upcoming review – enjoy! ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ […]

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Jun 242018
A blast from the past: listening to the vintage "Fisher King" SA-100 power amplifier!

My friend Ron Barbee enjoys finding vintage audio gems and restoring them, like the Fisher SA-100 stereo power amplifier that is the subject of today’s post. The Fisher SA-100 came out in 1963 and sold for about $120 USD ($986.63 in 2018 USD). They are relatively rare today, but if you run across one in […]

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Jun 242018
First Impressions: Custom Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real Sound Processors by Yazaki-san for the Vintage Altec 832A Corona loudspeakers!

I think most of you know I’ve been having a “love at first listen” affair with my vintage Altec Corona 832A loudspeakers that I purchased from LA Jazz Audio. It is a little hard to tell in the accompanying photographs, but the Altec Corona 832A’s are fairly large loudspeakers, being about as wide as my […]

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Jun 162018
Jeff checking in ... Soundsmith Carmen Mk II, First Watt SIT-3, Still Audio EL84, Spec RSP-AZ9EX, and vintage kit!

I was hoping to get the Positive Feedback review of the Soundsmith Carmen Mk II phonograph cartridge finished up this weekend, but it’s looking like it is going to be next weekend instead – it’s turned out to be a busy weekend! Also, something very interesting happened during the review of the Carmen Mk II – in a […]

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Jun 142018
Today's Fresh Catch: The Still Audio EL84 Integrated Amplifier!

As you know, I’m a big fan of EL84 integrated amplifiers, as they provide a live-like musicality that always seems to thrill me! So when Mark Still contacted me about writing up his hand-crafted Still Audio EL84 integrated amplifier here at Jeff’s Place and for Positive Feedback, I was happy to say “Yes!”. Adding to […]

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Jun 142018
Today's Fresh Catch: Custom Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real Sound Processors for the Vintage Altec 832A Corona by Yazaki-san!

It is always such a pleasure to hear from Yazaki-san, he is such a gracious and kind gentleman, and he has more good audio ideas in a day than most of us do in a year! I have a fascinating multi-part story of serendipity and intrigue to relate to you about Today’s Fresh Catch, the Spec RSP-AZ9EX Real […]

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