Oct 112015
Another Akihabara Adventure: Yazaki-San Reporting from the "Tube Audio Show " in Akihabara in Tokyo (more show photos added)

Immediately after posting about Gary Bronner’s adventure at Sun Audio in Akihabara, I received a delightful message from Yazaki-san to Gary Zabel & Daryl Stahler at Arizona Capacitors & me about another Akihabara adventure, the “Tube Audio Show” which Yazaki-san just attended. Dear Gary-san, Daryl-san and Jeff-san, “Tube Audio Show” is now held in Akihabara / Tokyo from 11th to 12th / Oct. This is our 4th time exhibit. At the show we have the rare chance to […]

Oct 112015
An Akihabara Audio Adventure: Gary Bronner's Visit to Sun Audio in Tokyo

While Gary Bronner and I were discussing the upcoming A5 ‘Voice of the Theatre’ project, he was telling me about his recent visit to Sun Audio in Tokyo. It sounded like such a fun trip I asked Gary if it would be ok to share it with all of you, as I thought you’d all enjoy hearing about it. Here’s Gary: A business trip took me to Japan a few weeks ago and I had a […]

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Oct 072015
The Vintage Beat: The Altec Lansing A5 ‘Voice of the Theatre’ Loudspeaker Project

In 1877 Thomas Edison invented recording with the phonograph, and kicked off the acoustic era of recording that lasted until 1925, when Western Electric initiated the electrical era of recording with the development of microphones, amplifiers, disc cutting machines, loudspeakers, and sound for movies. Western Electric supported the theater movie sound business until 1936, when the movie theater industry declined dramatically during the depression, and then Western Electric decided to abandon the rapidly declining movie […]

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Oct 042015
Jeff Hangin' at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

I just got back from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 in Denver, Colorado. Kudos to Marjorie and everyone else involved, they really did a great job of putting on the show! It’s been quite a while since I’ve ventured out to an audio show. I got burned out on them years ago, but I really enjoyed RMAF 2015 and seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and just having a great time seeing what’s been […]

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Sep 262015
Adventures in Real Sound with Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki is now live at Positive Feedback!

I finished up my Adventures in Real Sound with Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki article yesterday, and it is now live at Positive Feedback here. It has been an immense pleasure for me to get to know Yazaki-san and to tell you about him, and his ideas & recommendations for ‘Real Sound’ have made a wonderful difference in my hi-fi. As a result of implementing Yazaki-san’s ‘Real Sound’ recommendations my music listening has never been more pleasurable that it is […]

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Sep 262015
Siedy Checking In from The Netherlands: Listening Adventures With SPEC Real Sound Amps!

Listening Adventures With the Wonderful SPEC Amps! By Siedy Abee I am one of those guys who is a regular reader of Jeff’s Place. It is always a great pleasure to open up Jeff’s website and to read about his newest adventures. This year Jeff reported about a new amp from SPEC (here). I had never heard about the SPEC RSA-M3EX before, and I started reading with interest about Jeff’s first listening experience with the SPEC RSA-M3EX. This is the middle […]

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Sep 242015
Adventures in Real Sound With Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki - Sneak Peek 2

A couple of posts ago (here) I shared a little of the article Adventures in Real Sound With Mr. Shirokazu Yazaki that I am writing for Positive Feedback. I’ve been making good progress on the article, and I am hoping to be able to finish it this weekend, so it can get published before next week’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado, where you’ll be able to meet Yazaki-san in Jonathan Halpern’s Tone Imports room. […]

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Sep 202015
Yazaki-san checking in ... DA30 DH-SET monaural amplfiers!

I just heard from Yazaki-san, and he sent me some photographs of the DA30 SET monaural amplifiers he made for his friend Ookubo-san, and they’re so beautiful I wanted to share them with you! The DA30 SET monaural amplifiers Yazaki-san made for his Ookubo-san are based on using the vintage Western Electric 310A as the driver, a vintage Western Electric 274B as a rectifier, and the English GEC DA30 as outputs. The GEC DA30 is less well known […]

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Sep 192015
Chad Kassem checking in ... Westminster Royal SEs and more!

Most of you probably know Chad Kassem as the founder of Acoustic Sounds, Inc., the superb Analogue Productions record label, the Blue Heaven Studios recording studio, and most recently the Quality Record Pressings record pressing facility (there’s a nice overview on Wikipedia) Thursday, when I went back to my office after a meeting, the light was blinking on my phone indicating that someone had called. It turns out that Chad Kassem had left me a […]

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Sep 132015
Saturday Afternoon At Jeff's Place

I always love the weekends, when I get a chance to cook up some fine food, listen to music, play hi-fi games, go for a bicycle ride, and just generally kick back and enjoy life! I invited my Mom & Dad over for dinner and some music listening (Mom’s 90, and Dad’s 92). I grilled some fillet mignon, lobster, and fresh veggies, and we washed them down with some fresh craft beer or Champagne (Mom […]

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