Sep 282014
Camerata Musica presents the Brasil Guitar Duo!

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed listening to São Paulo’s Brasil Guitar Duo – João Luiz (left) and Douglas Lora (right) – playing unamplified classical guitars in a small, intimate, auditorium setting in Richland, Washington. (photo below courtesy of the Brasil Guitar Duo website) The Brasil Guitar Duo was presented by  Camerata Musica as the kick-off for their 2014-2015 chamber music concert season. I was so impressed that I wrote them a check to become a patron for the upcoming season on the spot! Let [...]

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Sep 152014
Today's Fresh Catch: Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall

Today’s Fresh Catch is the Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall 2-LP reissue set that was mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound from the original 3-track master tapes, and pressed at Quality Record Pressings. I’ve been away for four day road trip to Boise, Idaho, getting my parents’ house prepped for sale after they moved into assisted living where I live. It sure is nice having my parents close by again to visit with, but it sure has [...]

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Sep 092014
Today's Fresh Catch: Ellington At Newport

Have you ever thought that you knew about something, then found out that you didn’t know as much as you thought, and felt like a real jackass? That’s what I felt like after listening to the Ellington At Newport LP by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. You see, sometime back I had vowed to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more Mobile Fidelity remasters because they sounded too hyped up, too audiophile like, with exaggerated high [...]

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Aug 312014
The Third Annual ANVIL Award Celebration!

Labor Day weekend here in the States signals the greatly anticipated arrival of the annual ANVIL Award gathering put on by those inveterate audio statesmen, Stephaen Harrell (6Moons) and Pete Riggle (Pete Riggle Audio Engineering). In the photo below, that’s Stephaen on the left, Pete on the right, and this year’s ANVIL awardee, ‘My Last Pair of Speakers’ Harry  Zweben, in the center. In case you’ve never heard of the the ANVIL Award, it’s the [...]

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Aug 292014
Other Stuff: Good food, good times, and Mauviel M'Heritage Copper M250C.

You might have noticed that the tagline on my Jeff’s Place blog is “Music, Hi-Fi, Fotografie, and Other Stuff”.  This post is about the ‘other stuff’. It’s a lot of fun to combine food and music, like I did recently when visiting Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie in Spokane, Washington, with Cindy, while taking in the nine-time Tony Award® winning musical, The Book of Mormon, at the Performing Arts Center. At Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie even the [...]

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Aug 222014
Upcoming Review Ideas: Vintage McIntosh, Leben, and Lenco. What do you think?

I’ve had a couple of ideas for reviews that I’ve been wanting to write up for Positive Feedback Online for a while now, but time just hasn’t allowed for it, as life has been incredibly busy both on the day job and on the personal front. Now there appears to be a little window of time ahead to do some focused writing, so I thought I’d tell you about my review ideas and see what [...]

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Aug 102014
Pido and Stephæn Visit Jeff's Place: Black Pearls and the Sign of Aquarius

It was a true pleasure to have my friends Stephæn Harrell (left) and Pete Riggle (right) stop by for a little hi-fi tomfoolery on Saturday. Stephæn brought by some tasty pizza from Greek Islands Cuisine, and we had a grand time sipping a little Pinot Noir from the Sonoma region of sunny California, along with  some Newcastle brown ale from not so sunny England. Good friends, good food, good drink, fun music, and hi-fi games: A winning recipe for ‘Life [...]

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Aug 032014
Fanfare for the Common Man: The RS Line of Duelund Capacitors

I just heard about the recently released line of Duelund RS capacitors, which I had totally missed because I was so engrossed in writing the Duelund-WRSE Project Part 2 article for Positive Feedback Online. I’ll try  to find out more about the recently released line of Duelund RS  capacitors from Frederik (a future interview perhaps?), but in the meantime check out this great capacitor comparison article at Humble Homemade HiFi in the Netherlands. Humble Homemade HiFi [...]

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Jul 312014
Pete's Place: Pete's got a sixteen inch Woody and a massive pair of B's

It’s always a real pleasure to visit the irrepressible Peter Pan of audio, Pete Riggle. It was a real bonus that Ron (below center left), Leo (not pictured), Stephaen (center right), Bill (lower right), and John (left) were there too, they’re my audio heroes one and all! Some of you may remember Bill from my 6Moons reviews: Bill is a blind piano tuner with perfect pitch. He knows what things should sound like, and he’s not [...]

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