Aug 102014
Pido and Stephæn Visit Jeff's Place: Black Pearls and the Sign of Aquarius

It was a true pleasure to have my friends Stephæn Harrell (left) and Pete Riggle (right) stop by for a little hi-fi tomfoolery on Saturday. Stephæn brought by some tasty pizza from Greek Islands Cuisine, and we had a grand time sipping a little Pinot Noir from the Sonoma region of sunny California, along with  some Newcastle brown ale [...]

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Aug 032014
Fanfare for the Common Man: The RS Line of Duelund Capacitors

I just heard about the recently released line of Duelund RS capacitors, which I had totally missed because I was so engrossed in writing the Duelund-WRSE Project Part 2 article for Positive Feedback Online. I’ll try  to find out more about the recently released line of Duelund RS  capacitors from Frederik (a future interview perhaps?), but [...]

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Jul 312014
Pete's Place: Pete's got a sixteen inch Woody and a massive pair of B's

It’s always a real pleasure to visit the irrepressible Peter Pan of audio, Pete Riggle. It was a real bonus that Ron (below center left), Leo (not pictured), Stephaen (center right), Bill (lower right), and John (left) were there too, they’re my audio heroes one and all! Some of you may remember Bill from my 6Moons [...]

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Jul 182014
The Duelund-WRSE Project, Part 2: Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers – Listening Impressions

Here’s my listening impressions for the Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers. I hope you enjoy it! Listening Impressions The Stock Westminster Royal SE Loudspeakers Let me repeat myself a little, with excerpts from the Part 1 article of the Duelund-WRSE Project, to put everything in context for the Part 2 changes [...]

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Jul 122014
The World of Music, The First American Edition (1963), and The Leopold Shakspere (circa 1870's)

If you read the post where David King checked in to tell us about the beautiful leather bound volume (below) of ‘The World of Music’ by Kjell Bloch Sandved, you know I was intrigued, and I ordered a copy of a later edition from a used book seller on Amazon (because I couldn’t find the same one [...]

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Jul 032014
The Duelund-WRSE Project, Part 2: Duelund CAST Silver Capacitors and Duelund CAST Silver & Copper Autotransformers - Introduction

I just completed the second Duelund-WRSE Project article and sent it to Editors Dave & David at Positive Feedback Online. I ended up at 42 pages of Word text and 69 photographs by the time I finished it. I have to say I’m pretty excited about the article, and I really hope you all enjoy [...]

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