May 012016
The Vintage McIntosh MX110 Adventure: OMG - stop the presses! Up Next - The A5 VOTT Project!

Ron-san and I got together today to celebrate the joys of audio & music and to listen to the latest iteration of our Real Sound Adventure with the vintage McIntosh MX110 tuner-preamplifiers. To complement our listening adventures, we had a couple of superb bottles of regional wines to sample, a 2013 Walla Walla Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon, and a 2013 Anelare Nonna Viola, along with an antipasto tray with lots of goodies, and some delicious Rouge Creamery smoked blue cheese, and some Vermont cave aged […]

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Apr 272016
The Vintage McIntosh MX110 Tuner-Preamplifier Adventure: The Arizona Capacitor Palette!

A good alternate title for this post would have been “The Real Sound Education of Jeff Day” because that is the result of Yazaki-san’s and Ron-san’s influence on me during our mutual adventures with the vintage McIntosh vacuum tube gear. Due to Ron’s influence, I have now made the transition of being a modification observer to becoming brave enough to pick up my soldering iron and modifying circuits in the MX110s, as long as it’s a […]

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Apr 212016
The Vintage McIntosh MX110 Tuner-Preamplifier Adventure: The Tepro Transformation!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a major revelation? In my case my major revelation came at 2:53 a.m. last night, according to the screen on my iPhone. It was three thoughts coming together that triggered my overall revelation, but I want to tell you the story in the sequence that it occurred to me, rather than tell you all at once here in the beginning of this post. In case you are […]

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Apr 092016
A Slick Schick Woody-Wire Re-wire - Updated with listening impressions.

If you read my post about Rafe’s and Don’s road trip to Jeff’s Place (and Rafe’s Part-Time Audiophile trip report), you know that one of the demos we did was a comparison of one of my Schick tonearms to the Woody SPU tonearm using a Ortofon SPU Classic GM Mk II stereo cartridge. I really like my Schick tonearms. Their clean, streamlined, design and easy adjustability make them a real treat to work with, and getting […]

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Apr 022016
Jeff checking in ... Arizona Capacitors, Tepro, Schick re-wire, and music!

I sure have been busy lately, it seems, and I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog posts I’ve been wanting to write for you, or to respond to your comments as speedily as I’d like to. If I forgot to answer a comment you directed at me, ping me again, because it is my intent to answer all comments, but occasionally I’ll get distracted and miss one. After what seemed like one […]

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Mar 252016
The Vintage Beat: Audio Research SP-6B, Harmon Kardon Citation 1, and McIntosh MX110 Preamplifiers

Ron, Leo, and I got together to do a little listening to a variety of vintage preamplifiers last weekend, the Audio Research SP-6B, the Harmon Kardon Citation 1, and the McIntosh MX110. First we listened to Ron’s vintage Audio Research SP-6B preamplifier so we could get a performance baseline for it, as we are getting ready to embark on an exciting Audio Research SP-6B adventure! Above you can see the modifications for the vintage Audio SP-6 Adventure that […]

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Mar 142016
Part Time Audiophiles' Road Trip to Jeff's Place - The Trip Report!

It sure was nice to have Rafe & Don visit me and my pals Ron, Leo, and Pete, here at Jeff’s Place, and we had a ball listening to music together. Rafe published a very gracious writeup of their visit here to Jeff’s Place at Part-Time Audiophile, which you can read here. Thanks for the kind words, Rafe and Don, I’m delighted you enjoyed your visit to Jeff’s Place!

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Mar 132016
Jazz to sip bourbon by ...

This has been a busy weekend for me, and I’m finally getting a chance to just sit down this evening and listen to music and relax, just for the fun of it. At this moment I have no reviews I’m thinking about, no listening impressions to record, no other duties of any kind, I’m just listening to music for the sheer joy of it, marveling at how terrifically good the big system is sounding at this […]

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Mar 132016
Kindred Spirits: Kato-san Checking in from Hakodate, Japan!

It’s always a delight to hear from Yazaki-san, and I got a very nice email from Yazaki-san introducing his good friend, Kato-san. “I’m so happy to introduce my good old friend, Kato-san to you and Ron-san. Kato-san had been working in the research and development division of PIONEER until 10 years ago, and at the same time I had long worked in the product development division. Therefore we didn’t have the chance to work in cooperation with […]

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Mar 122016
Preliminary Listening Impressions of the New Duelund CAST Silver-Copper Hybrid Capacitors.

I was able to get in a nice listening session with the new Duelund CAST silver-copper hybrid capacitors, and I wanted to give you the scoop on my initial listening impressions. My apologies to Frederik for the lengthy delay in writing about his new hybrid silver-copper Duelund CAST capacitors, as it has taken much longer than I had expected due to the performance issues I’ve been having with my vintage McIntosh MX110Z modifications not going as expected. Because […]

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