Dec 192014
Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Awards for 2014!

The complete Positive Feedback Online Writers Choice Awards for 2014 just went live a little bit ago here. My contributions to the awards are below. Jeff Day’s Awards for 2014 It is always an exciting time of year when the Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards roll around, because I get to tell you about my favorite audio experiences of 2014. It’s always a tough assignment for me, because ye olde beloved Editors of Positive […]

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Dec 192014
Today's Fresh Catch: McIntosh by Ken Kessler

I just bought a copy of Ken Kessler’s McIntosh history book direct from McIntosh for $150 USD. It is a big, beautifully done, coffee table style book written by Ken Kessler in 2006. There’s lots of good content for Mac fans including chapters about McIntosh’s roots, vacuum tube designs, the use of McIntosh in live & recorded music production, and lots of other interesting topics. McIntosh started as a company in 1949 … The photography in […]

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Dec 172014
The Acoustic Revive Chronicles: The Eleventh House!

Yoshi San had some late breaking information to share with me about some advanced materials that are incorporated into the PC-TripleC interconnects for noise suppression, that I wasn’t able to include in the article for Positive Feedback Online, but I have included below. Enjoy! The Acoustic Revive Chronicles: The Eleventh House! By Jeff Day As many of you know – and as the title reference to “The Acoustic Revive Chronicles” suggests – over the years […]

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Dec 142014
Bill Checking in from Boston: Westminster Royal SEs & Duelund

Sometimes life is unpredictable and you have to adapt on the fly. Take Bill Rylance as an example: Bill recently located his family to Boston, where he was putting together his dream hi-fi system, while getting settled into his new home. The loudspeakers for his hi-fi were going to be Tannoy Westminster Royal Special Edition loudspeakers with a pair of outboard Duelund CAST crossovers a la the Duelund-WRSE Project, which are well familiar to all of you reading my humble […]

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Dec 132014
Frank Rodgers Checking In: State of the Duelund-WRSE System Report

It’s always a treat to hear from Frank, and Frank’s system is looking awesome! Hi Jeff,  The Tannoy/Duelund story has been quiet so I thought it was time to bring you my new and perhaps final musical experience resting place. A few weeks ago you reported on “Howard Checking in from the U.K.” about his Tannoy/Duelund “Sound is Sublime,” I can echo Howard and your Duelund Silver Autotransformer musical observations and joyous experience. Which brings me […]

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Dec 072014
The Garrard Project 2015: Classic Garrard 301 & Artisan Fidelity Plinth

These are exciting times for yours truly here at Jeff’s Place, and I’m almost beside myself with anticipation about the kickoff of The Garrard Project 2015. I’ve always enjoyed Garrard 301 turntables, and I really enjoyed writing the original ‘Garrard Project’ (1, 2, 3) for the Six Moons audio website back in the 2004-2006 timeframe. The original Garrard Project articles for Six Moons were focused on introducing the ultra-musical Garrard 301 to readers as a DIY project that […]

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Dec 052014
New Valve Order SPA One Special Edition & SPA-II/2 Special Edition

If you’ve been following my reviews (1 & 2), you know that the NVO SPA phono equalizers designed by Andreas Hadjiminas, working out of Nicosia, Cyprus, are my favorite phono equalizers. I just heard from Panikos Kontemeniotis, who exports NVO for Andreas, that there are now special edition versions of the New Valve Order SPA One (below) and SPA-II/2 (above) that have been released and are now available in small quantities. Here’s what Panikos told me about […]

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Dec 022014
The Garrard Project 2015

I remember Srajan over at Six Moons telling me way back when that The Garrard Project series of articles (1, 2, 3) I wrote starting in 2004 were the most read articles in Six Moons history. I was surprised to hear that, but quite pleased of course! Since then, it seems that vintage Garrard – as well as other vintage turntables – have taken the world by storm, which I think is a really good thing. […]

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Nov 302014
A Time To Be Thankful!

This last week was Thanksgiving Holiday week in the USA, where we commemorate the 1621 celebration of thanksgiving at Plymouth, Massachusetts, where early settlers & Native Americans shared a feast of thanksgiving for the good harvest that ensured their survival (depicted in the Brownscombe painting below from Wikipedia). Back then a good harvest meant you survived through the winter months, and to quote Mfu’s remembrance of Equiano, “Why not celebrate? If nothing else, it can’t hurt to celebrate survival.” These days, the Thanksgiving Holiday […]

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